Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shwaresy & the Winners ...

OK - I am going to send a copy of HOOKED to:
Rosaleen. M. Mann, Paul Ashley, Rhiannon Hope, Peter Thewlis, Cherry DeFlower, tomorrow !! You should get the book on Saturday.

Thank you for playing the game and supporting me by reading the blog ! And thank you so much to the people who took part. I hope it was fun for you too.

I've just had an amazing 36 hours with my very, very good friend Shwaresy! Yes, that's you Cinnamon girl ! You've proved how real friendship remains the same despite time and adventure.
We've been through so much over the past 12 years and you've known me throughout everything and together we stand tall,

Two woman army!

Always, innit!

I love you Shwares.

You want a signed copy of Hooked? for nada!

I have 5 copies of HOOKED to GIVE AWAY, PRE-publication -
Answer the questions in yesterday's blog post, and if you're right I'll sign you a copy of HOOKED and I'll post it to you tomorrow.

You will get it before the launch date NEXT THURSDAY.
I will announce the winners later tonight! yaaay! xx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Questions That can Win You a Copy of HOOKED...

OK – if you want to get your mitts on a copy of my book HOOKED, before its publication date – then these are the questions:

1. What is the actual publication date of Hooked?

2. Missy is not my real name – what is my real name?

3. What is the name of my boyfriend before Blue?

4. What were the main drugs that I abused ? Alcohol and ...

5. What do I think about most other than writing?

6. What is the toy that I couldn’t use recently because the batteries had died?

7. When did I stop using drugs? 1 year ago or 6 years ago?

8. What colour is my hair?

9. Is Hooked my first or fourth book?

10. How good in bed am I ? Marks out of 10 ... Am I 10 out of 10? or 11 out of 10?

Please send your answers to my Facebook Inbox or email them to:

TOMORROW at 9pm I will place the names of the people who have answered correctly into my bra and draw 5 out.

These 5 people will receive signed copies of HOOKED in the post on FRIDAY.

Yaaaay! EXCITING!!! Good luck ! xxx

I'm GIVING away 5 copies of HOOKED.

Hello, hello ...
I contacted the publishers earlier today to see if I would be able to give away 5 copies of HOOKED before its published date.I can! Yaay! Exciting!So, my darlings I thought it might be fun to do a kind of ‘test’ – Ya know, nothing serious, just bits and pieces about me and the blog.

10 simple questions and if you answer them correctly, I’ll pop the names into my bra and draw 5 out. Wherever you are on the planet I will send a signed copy of HOOKED to you.
I reckon in order for people to have the opportunity to do this that may want to but haven’t yet read this notice – what I’ll do is, post the 10 questions up on the Blog and on Facebook this evening at around 9pm.

Tomorrow evening again at 9pm-ish I’ll do the do, and write the names with the correct answers on individual pieces of paper and draw the 5 winners out. Yes, of course I’ll do it without looking!
So, wanna play?

If you want to play with me,(STOP THAT!) please send your 10 answers via my an Facebook Inbox or email me at

So later this evening between 9pm and 10pm the questions will be here, OK sweethearts.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Radio interviews & Plastic pets.

Hello amigos. Feels as though I haven’t written for a while. I guess a few days is a while. To most people it’s not, to me, being the intense creature that I am, a few days can feel like an eternity. Well, I’m back. Not that you thought I’d gone, but still, I thought I d make the announcement that I’m back to make myself feel valued.
'Just get on with it Gee, for the love of God!'

Ok, OK, sorry, sorry...

So, what’s been happening? Well, I’ve been Writing. Writing. Writing. What else..? Oh, my Rabbit’s working again. Allelujah! And as soon as I discovered it was indeed the batteries that were the problem, I came on my period. Good innit. Nah, it’s rubbish actually. I have to wait to get my rocks off for another few days and all I have to look forward to it a fucking plastic appliance. Can things get any worse?
My life must sounds very dull. Maybe it is on paper, but in my heart and mind it’s not. It never has been. I'm comfortable with how things are and I take pleasure in trivia - just traveling the tube and watching people is often very amusing.

Other news – tomorrow I have a really, really, really, really good friend coming to stay over from the north. You know, the north, that land way past Luton. Yes, that one. There is life beyond the outskirts of London, my dear London buddies.
I can’t wait to see my mate. We’ve known each other years and she knows more about me than is healthy.

So, HOOKED is published in 8 days. 8 fucking days, can you believe it?! I’m sure you can, I’ve bleated on about it for long enough. It’s me than can barely believe it.
It’s amazing and I’m honoured that I’ve had this opportunity. I’ve got some publicity stuff lined up. I feel a bit embarrassed mentioning it ,really. I don’t want to sound like a tw*t, but I’ll take the risk. I’ve got dates for radio interviews dharlings, newspapers, magazines, and now I’m waiting for the meeting with the head of Warner Bros. In LA.

My arse.

Note: Some of the stuff I say is said tongue in cheek, in case you hadn’t realised.

So, 8 days and I’m gonna be swanning round London book shops unashamedly staring at my book. Excited, I am. Modest, it seems I am not.

Hey ho...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Friday, 23 April 2010

A sex pest in my midst

OK, here it is - I was saying earlier on Facebook that I am annoyed with the smarmy twit who clearly thinks he is charm personified, who has continually pestered me at work. Well, my boss emailed him today and told him to stop friggin’ phoning me and hassling me to go out with him. He’s been causing me untold embarrassment because I am unable to tell him to get lost. He’s a company client.

He’s been calling my work most days and he keeps asking me to email him, phone him, anything and now he's really pissing me off and I can't take it any more.

So, after starting to exhibit utter exasperation toward him earlier today because of his behaviour, I decided earlier to say something to my boss who reluctantly manages him. Thankfully my boss understands that this guy is a creep, so he swiftly emailed him to tell him to stop being so ridiculous. Not in those words.

The pest responded with: ‘I apologise to you and please pass on my best wishes to her. It must have been a misunderstanding!’ Misunderstanding my arse!

I swear to God, there are times when people underestimate other people. I do it myself. Had I been given a pass to deal with him myself face to face I would have been polite but firm in a manner that he would not have expected. So, when some fucking twat is trying to make out via email that his pestering me is a figment of my imagination – I feel utterly insulted.
Why? Not because the evidence in front of me clearly shows he’s been a f***in’ nuisance; calling my work frequentlyjust to see how I am, but because he has a damn, bloody cheek to even think that I would consider going out with him.

If he calls again, he’s gonna get a dose of my most powerful weapon: Silence.

I will not engage in any conversation with him, polite or otherwise. Instead I’ll transfer his call or cut him off.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Confessing My Past to My Boss.

“So, what do you want to talk to me about?” My boss asked me in his office at 2pm today.

“ Err... well.” I looked down. “I feel a need to have this conversation with you, so not to cause any possible embarrassment to this company.” (I’m actually doing them a favour, you see.)

“ I’ve written a book...”

“ Really?? Well done.”

“ Thank you.”

“ The thing is the content. Well, it’s err, risque, pretty err, full on. It’s not all real, but of course to make something sound authentic it has to have an element of realism to it, as I’m sure you understand.”

He nods.

“ So, this book is about well... how can I put it? It’s about what can happen when someone goes out too much, drinks too much and immerses themselves in a certain side of London night life which they initially believe to be glamourous but the person gets caught up in a cycle which eventually they feel trapped in and it makes them deeply miserable and ...”

“ So this book is about you?”

“Err, not exactly. It is BASED on truth and some of my experiences but it is not ALL truth. Err, you know I don’t drink?” (Proof I’m a goodie, goodie, there...)

“I stopped drinking 6 years ago because I used to drink too much and go out too much and it made me unhappy. The book is a kind of warning in a way – you know, to young women (he has a youngish daughter) and full grown women who watch certain TV programs and see certain successful topless models and want that lifestyle with what they consider to be very little work and just party, party, party. The book is really just saying that if you choose to get involved in the whole members’ bars, drinking thing and God knows what else...” (Yes, We all know what else...) “It can bring catastrophic consequences.” I continued.

“ I congratulate you on changing your life” – ( He doesn’t know the half of it, but I thanked him regardless.)

“ Will the book have consequence that could affect your work here? You know such as someone turning up at work and threatening you?”

“ Err, no. Not at all. Nothing like that.“

“ So you’re just letting us know that because of some of the publicity, that your past could all come out, and you’re just preparing us?”

“ Yes”

“ Oh, that’s fine. Don’t worry. Thanks for telling me.” (Shit, but I didn’t tell him the graphic part of it. I avoided the buzz words that I maybe I shudda said in order to give him the full picture: prostitution and drugs. Did I not say enough??)

“ Oh, and by the way,” he continued, “ I’d like to read the book.”

I laughed. Not on my watch. Somehow I don’t think that would be a good idea.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Happy days

I’m really relaxing into being single. This is where I’m meant to be right now and for the foreseeable future. I chose to be single for 15 months while I wrote Hooked and it worked incredibly well for me. I know what I’m like when I’m in a relationship.
At the moment I’m feeling independent, sexy, and happy with the direction that my life is moving in. I suppose some of this is about my book coming out in 16 days! Yep, you heard it right – 16 damn days, amigos!
I was thinking though, if I was in a relationship would I be even happier than I am now? Absolutely not! I would not be focused on myself, and trying to make the most of this upcoming opportunity. Because that’s how I see this – an opportunity to grasp my dreams. If I don’t do something more with myself after this book is launched then I’m bloody stupid. No other way of looking at it.
If I was in a relationship now, I’d be totally fixated on the guy and his happiness. It’s crazy – but so far that’s how I’ve been in my life. Being single for some time is an opportunity for me to gain confidence in myself as an individual who also deserves to be adored by my partner.
If I was still in my last relationship right now, I have no doubts that I would be stressed and anxious and that would not necessarily be his doing, it’s my problem, how I respond to things. And maybe I wouldn't be constantly stressed, but certainly my moods would be compromised by another person’s movements and their emotions. F**k that.
I’m loving this new found peace I’m experiencing and I'm not gonna give it up too easily.
Since embracing Singledom, I have been working like a cart horse on my second book, UnHooked. All the words are there now. Over the next 2 weeks I am going through all the text with a fine tooth comb. Hence my recent silence here. What I am doing now is a long and laborious task but I must do it – and the good news? I’m on target to get the first draft wrapped up for the date I’ve decided on.

Everything is good right now.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

He came in record time.

Oh my ... Oh my...
What can I say?? Where do i start? Well, first I wish L, my friend was talking to me because she’d find what happened this evening hilarious.
I text her to tell her this – and she responded. I haven't heard from her for ages, so her reply was a lovely surprise. She’s upset with me cos I’m a rubbish friend who has spent most of our relationship canceling plans, it seems. I was pretty bad – but I’ve been working on this recently and I’m improving.

So, my friends, I went to see the oh so sexy rock star after work today. I knew it was about sex. That was clear. We'd established that and I was OK with it.

So, I met him near his home. We went to his gated property; really fucking swanky, I might add. He’s only 26 for crying out loud. He's obviously doing something right - financially at least. We went inside the house and I followed him into the sitting room... We kinda half kissed in a half hearted way – and he fondled me a little over my clothes. I was undoing the buttons on my top and he got his dick out. It was OK. Average. Circumcised from what I could see. He was playing with his cock and watching me, and before I had managed to take my top off - he’d orgasmed.
Oh dear. Oh well. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I stopped undoing my top and he asked if I wanted a cuppa. Well I was hoping for some action, not PG Tips, but thanks, I’ll have one.
I felt weird. I wasn’t expecting that. We went into the kitchen, babbling bullshit which neither of of were interested in and he made us both tea and served it in very cute china cups. So while in the kitchen I was thinking: Right, OK – he’s nervous. He’s gonna do me hardcore after a caffeine boost. I wish. So, as we were drinking the tea he started saying that he thinks I'm 'hot’ and he’d love to see me naked.
(If you’d fucking slowed down earlier, mate, you might have.)
Plenty more time, I thought. The night is still young.

‘Just looking at you is making me feel really horny’. OK, that’s good. He got his cock out again, half way through my cuppa and I stood up, you know, giving him a little show - I pulled my top off and I was about to start doing my thing, and the guy fucking shot his load again!!!
What the hell??
In all my time, even as a hooker I haven’t been with a man that this happens to. Cripes.
I was embarrassed and I wanted to leave. I excused myself to the bathroom and I started laughing as quietly as I could. The situation felt surreal. I just wanted to leave. I walked back out of the bathroom and put my top on, finished my tea and I told him I was leaving.
Fuck it. It didn’t look like I was going to get anything out of it and I’m not a hooker any more, so if I don’t get a fucking orgasm out of something like that then I’m not playing. I don't give a flying monkey's what his house is like or the type of cups he serves tea in.

If he knew he was going to come so quickly he shudda serviced me, in some way, first. I left and I will never go back again. And now – you know what I’ve discovered. My faithful rabbit is not working!!! I’ve changed the batteries and it’s still not having it!! Maybe that’s penance for leaving that guy.

Am I destined to remain orgasm-less for the rest of my god forsaken life???!!!?!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

My life in bullet points.

There are a number of things that I’ve mentioned to you over the months that I then forget to fill you in with progress, after that first mention...
So much happens in life (mainly minor things) it’s hard to remember when I’ve tied up loose ends or not - so here goes:

• After being signed off from work the week before I went away (I ended up taking 2 days of the 5 the doctor signed me off for. That's dedication for ya! How things change!) my medication got upped. Two weeks later I am now feeling the benefits of this.

• I’ve had contact with Montana. Just a couple of texts, nothing major. We kind of arranged to meet but then we didn’t. I’m still so reluctant to de-flower myself after Blue. However gorgeous he is.

• The rock-star-esque-guy (remember him? the client at my work) – asked me out tomorrow night. Said I will, don’t know if I actually will go. Knowing me, I won’t. I’m SUCH a loser! Haha!

• The grammar course I started, I finished after the first session. I would have missed 20 minutes of a 90 minute lesson every week and after work (which is when it started) I am always so wired that I’m good for very little. So, I thought there was no point in pursuing it right now. I’ll get some private lessons at some point. Give me more confidence in an area I feel flaky.

• Dad and his wife are renewing their marriage vows in June. How chichi of them! Love it. He hasn’t lost it, hasn't my daddy - even at 80! I’m really looking forward to it. Will meet one of my dad’s sons (my half brother)for the first time there.

• The production company are still waiting to hear back from the BBC about trying to make a documentary about me going back to my birthplace to try and find my mother.

• That nutter that was harassing me at work the other day called me ‘just to say hello and to see how you are’ today. I wish he’d get lost.

• UnHooked is coming along fantastically well! Love what it’s turning into – and I haven’t finalised the first draft yet. My agent is chuffed too. So... we shall see if anything happens with it. A lot depends on HOOKED selling – so buy the Hooked !!! Please. It’s not money I’m after (altho some cash is always lovely) it’s the opportunity to be a bone fide writer, not just a one book wonder. It’s cheaper if you buy HOOKED on Amazon than waiting for May 6th when it’s on the high street.

• Just about to have a bath. I’ve taken to bathing with a load of baby oil in the water. It’s amazing for your skin. I’ll then put St. Tropez all over myself – you know, just incase I do meet the rock star tomorrow. I didn’t say I would... I’m doing it just incase, I err... meet him.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I would have jumped his bones

I’m meant to be telling you more about my holiday but now I’m back it seems like eyons ago! I’ve still got my tan, which is a blessing and I wish I could keep my colour like this all the time. Anyway, while I was away I met these three Manc women. They were funny as hell... two of them were sisters in their sixites and the third was 40. They smoked hard, laughed hard, I thought they’d drink hard but I didn’t see them drink at all. Not alcohol anyway. But they DID talk CONTINUOUSLY
(well, one of them did. The Queen Bee.) I just listened, chuckled often and left them so I could get on with some writing when it got too much.

I’m quite a solitary animal. Well, not necessarily solitary, but I do like calm. I can't cope with someone talking incessantly.

On my way back to London I was at the airport in Morroco and I had time to kill, so I mooched round the shops and that’s when I saw Him. I’d strolled into an empty shop that sold jewelery but quickly turned round when someone said ‘ hello’...
This tall, oh so bloody gorgeous half Morrocan/half Irish guy. 24 years old. One brother. And they were raised in Canada. He told me this during the hour we were talking. Fuck, he was beautiful. I caught myself grinning at him like an idiot while he was talking. I wasn't really listening to what he was saying to tell the truth. He had the prettiest brown eyes. Features that were copied from an angel. I could see his hairy chest poking out of the top of his top – yum. He was pretty so his chest made him look a little more masculine if you know what I mean...
I'd have been in trouble if I'd met him during the 7 days before. There is no doubt, non whatsoever that I'd have jumped his bones.

Anyway, we chatted, and chatted, and chatted some more and later he asked my full name so he could add me on facebook. I gave him my non-missy-gee facebook details.
I discovered that because his mama is Irish, he has a European passport. You know what that means?? He can come to London without visa hassle whenever he goddam feels like. Not that he will. Or he may not come to see me, but it’s good fantasy fodder.

I’ve just accompanied a friend to a Spiritualist Church. I really liked it. Not spooky at all. Uplifting and easy. The rest of today I’ve spent writing. I’m doing all right. I’m pleased with the progress I’m making with UnHooked. And, of course I’ve been flicking through Hooked.
You know that I have an actual copy of the book. An actual real-life copy of the book that I can hold in my hands! It’s just amazing to see it, smell it, read my own words in the form of a book!
It’s a marvel. You may think I was bouncing off the walls when it arrived, but what I felt was nervousness. I suddenly thought: ‘fuck this is happening. It’s really happening WoW!’ So, soon I’ll be up for criticism and all that comes with being A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! Yaaay!! Get meeee!

It’s taken a few days for the penny to fully drop and for me to be excited by it. I’ve shown a couple of friends and that’s when I’ve been beaming with pride. This is my fucking book and I’ve achieved something pretty fabulous! Finally I have tangible evidence that my life has not all been a fucking wasted disaster. Hooked is good. You’ll like it... But if you’re not a fan of straight talking and stark reality – then err, you may want to skip vast chunks of it.
I’ve got loads to say tonight – but I’ll leave it here for now, otherwise I’ll be going on and on and on – and you know that wouldn’t be difficult for me! I can write and write and write, but talking like the woman I met on holiday takes far more effort.

Be Brave

He that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Getting Groped in the Office & Holiday Part 2...

So, onto today’s antics- The Office Groper who tried to take advantage of my sweetness, at work.
This is the situation: While I aim for literary world dominance I keep a roof over my head by sitting, looking pretty, fielding phone calls and chatting to incoming clients. AKA – Reception work.

Anyway, as you know some of the clients that come into my work place are attractive – and many are not. The guy that harassed me today initially fell into the ‘is he isn’t he?’ category. The jury was out. It didn’t take long for the ruling to be made, though. And the verdict was a unanimous: he Was. Not. Attractive. At. All. Y'honour.

This bloke started chatting while standing over me. I stood up to be equal to him, which only served to ignite his ‘lust’, it seems.
He was asking me out to dinner, asking to take hold of my hand, embarrassingly complimenting me, and he kept asking if I’d call him or email him.
I laughed this off. Then when pushed I said 'I doubt I will to be honest.’
So, he then asked for my number.
Errr.... “Well, It’s ok, anyway. I can call you anytime – I know where you work", he laughed.
What the fuck? Is that a threat??

How does a woman deal with these situations but keep professional integrity? You see, I’m really friendly and when i get embarrassed in a situation like that – I get overly girly. I get like this when I feel irritated rather than threatened. If threatened, I get fucking arsy! I can take care of myself but this is a last resort. And at work that's unlikely to ever happen. It's rare even outside of work.

Anyway, so he told me ‘You’re not rejecting me – so you are interested then?’
What?? I‘d just told him I was upset about breaking up with my boy. What I should have said was I HAVE a boyfriend, not that I’ve just blinkin split from one - but I'm too honest.

He asked if I thought him ‘too forward’ and I replied, ‘ a little.’ I actually wanted to punch him at this point. He had an annoying laugh and clearly he thought that he was terribly charming and Alpha male which just got up my nose. What he was, was a cock. Anyway, I’ve got his business card which he insisted I take. This of course will not be used for anything other than a tooth pick, if I need one.

But really could anything or anyone spoil today for me eh??
I have my baby in my arms, after all this time. This is momentous and I’m humbled that I’ve got this far.
Thank you all for your support.

Holiday continued ...

I eventually had a massage, administered by a woman, cos I didn’t want an unsexy man touching me. Shallow? Sue me. Despite my past as a hooker, I am really funny about men getting in my personal space, standing behind me or touching my skin when I haven’t encouraged it. In fact it freaks me out and gives me major heaby jeebies.
When I went into the Turkish bath – I couldn't help but be hugely amused by the woman who worked in there. She did the body scrub. She was wearing shorts down to her calfs,and a fine wool jumper with a roll neck and sleeves down to her elbows. What the hell?? I know she was Muslim, but... cripes!

That, actually wasn't what I found amusing – I felt sorry for her in those clothes in that heat. What I found funny was that this woman actually had a face full of make-up on, which had smudged down her chops as you can imagine. It must have been 50’c+ in that sweat hole.
The whole 90 minutes pampering was luxurious and I'm eager to do it in London very soon.
So, I didn't spend all my time alone while away, ya know ... hell no! Will tell you more tomorrow.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Holiday - Part 1

I’m so f***ing happy! I’ve got my i-pod working! Thank Christ for that! Yaay! After spending literally 5 hours (I kid you not) trying to get to grips with it just before I went away, I just got it working, now, after faffing around for approximately 20 measly minutes.

Oh, the wonder, the marvel of modern technology.

So, so, so.... le holiday,(French) vacaciones,(Espanol, I think) vacation ( Yankie)

I’m back, incase you hadn’t noticed.
But I’ve been so damned quiet the past couple of days you can be forgiven for not realising.

So, mi amigos, going away alone was an experience. Not one I’d wish to participate in again immediately after a break up. A bit of a head fuck the first 2 days. I was sad and lost and I felt lonely.
Although saying this I would do it again. But next time i would go because I have chosen to go alone, rather than having it imposed on me.
I suppose, this time I cudda given the ticket to a friend, but I decided instead to go alone and take the opportunity to do some work in the evenings, after sunning myself while reading Lolita. It worked well, actually. I worked well. I didn’t hit 80,000 words as I’d intended, but I’ve got 70,000, now. The final 10,000 are a precious commodity for me to use wisely before I start fiddling with it to get a near-complete first draft.
‘Fiddling’ brings me nicely onto what you lot really want to know about ... Did I get banged? Licked? Sucked? Kissed? The answer , my friends is no,no,no and no respectively.
How rubbish is that,
And incase you thought I was losing my knack – the final straw came when I went for a massage and this bloke came through to do me; the massage, I mean – I was like:
“Oh, are you doing this?”

“ Yes, madam”

“ Oh, err, I’d like a woman to do it please.”

Now, what the fuck is going on there? What’s happening to me?

To be fair if he’d been fit I’d have had it – and the massage ( sorry had to say it!) but under the given circumstances I didn’t want some random bloke getting off on touching my naked body, while I was getting the sum total of nothing , except perhaps an unwelcome penis prodding my thigh.
Anyway, it doesn’t end there ... in fact I’m just warming up...
And before you vow never to read another post of mine again – I did meet one guy,... And when I saw him, I knew I was in trouble...

And no, it wasn’t a copper.

I’m talking beauty, perfection, hot, hot, hot...

By the way – I’m so f***ing pleased to have music again!!!! There. Said it. Again.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I can finally say - HOOKED is published NEXT MONTH

From today I can officially say that my book, Hooked, is published next month... its exciting and nerve wracking ... hello from the sun ... im getting a tan now I've settled into life under the arabian sun - only to be cruelly snatched back to gloomy london this weekend.
its certainly been an experience coming away alone - and thankfully i have been able to get some writing done - not as much as i may have hoped, but still what I have managed is better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper.

again - I havent sussed how to use this damn key board - so amigos you are getting this pure and unadulterated...
I haven't been doing too much, except reading , napping and eating -- altho saying that - I've lost a fair bit of weight since the breakup - and even I think I'm starting to look a bit too skinny - and that may not a good thing with my height-- hey ho ... as long as the next person I'm under or on top of when I get back has no complaints - then to coin a phrase - sall good...

ok back to my boudoir where I think I may watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm dvds, which I brought with me -- have you seen it ...god, I love that guy - so so funny...

love you and leave you until .... soon. not sure when, but soon ...x