Monday, 12 April 2010

My life in bullet points.

There are a number of things that I’ve mentioned to you over the months that I then forget to fill you in with progress, after that first mention...
So much happens in life (mainly minor things) it’s hard to remember when I’ve tied up loose ends or not - so here goes:

• After being signed off from work the week before I went away (I ended up taking 2 days of the 5 the doctor signed me off for. That's dedication for ya! How things change!) my medication got upped. Two weeks later I am now feeling the benefits of this.

• I’ve had contact with Montana. Just a couple of texts, nothing major. We kind of arranged to meet but then we didn’t. I’m still so reluctant to de-flower myself after Blue. However gorgeous he is.

• The rock-star-esque-guy (remember him? the client at my work) – asked me out tomorrow night. Said I will, don’t know if I actually will go. Knowing me, I won’t. I’m SUCH a loser! Haha!

• The grammar course I started, I finished after the first session. I would have missed 20 minutes of a 90 minute lesson every week and after work (which is when it started) I am always so wired that I’m good for very little. So, I thought there was no point in pursuing it right now. I’ll get some private lessons at some point. Give me more confidence in an area I feel flaky.

• Dad and his wife are renewing their marriage vows in June. How chichi of them! Love it. He hasn’t lost it, hasn't my daddy - even at 80! I’m really looking forward to it. Will meet one of my dad’s sons (my half brother)for the first time there.

• The production company are still waiting to hear back from the BBC about trying to make a documentary about me going back to my birthplace to try and find my mother.

• That nutter that was harassing me at work the other day called me ‘just to say hello and to see how you are’ today. I wish he’d get lost.

• UnHooked is coming along fantastically well! Love what it’s turning into – and I haven’t finalised the first draft yet. My agent is chuffed too. So... we shall see if anything happens with it. A lot depends on HOOKED selling – so buy the Hooked !!! Please. It’s not money I’m after (altho some cash is always lovely) it’s the opportunity to be a bone fide writer, not just a one book wonder. It’s cheaper if you buy HOOKED on Amazon than waiting for May 6th when it’s on the high street.

• Just about to have a bath. I’ve taken to bathing with a load of baby oil in the water. It’s amazing for your skin. I’ll then put St. Tropez all over myself – you know, just incase I do meet the rock star tomorrow. I didn’t say I would... I’m doing it just incase, I err... meet him.