Sunday, 23 October 2011

Me and The Man

ME: 'I'm just about to start doing some more book work, although i don't want to. I feel like staring at the TV and doing nothing.'

THE MAN: 'Sweetheart, you work hard. We've just spent 24 beautiful hours together, allow a relaxing and smooth end to come to your weekend. Why don't you have a hot bath now and start writing again tmrw.'

hear hear!

Friday, 7 October 2011

if you don't like these - you have poor taste!

makes me wanna jig.

each time I hear this makes my life becomes a little happier..

This Weekend

Me: 'I'm about to book a treatment for us each, for this weekend. Which do you prefer? A facial or massage?'

The Man: 'I want everything.'

Me: You'll get everything from me. Now, what do you want from the Spa?'

The Man: 'You'

Me: 'What else?'

The Man: 'You.'

Me: 'Come on, seriously, do you want a facial or a massage?'

The Man: 'I want you. That's all I want. You.'

Thursday, 6 October 2011

one guess who this is :O/

this is funny!

I'd arranged to see a friend after work today. I sent him a text this morning saying that i've got some things to do at home so can't be long so we could always postpone 'til next week, if he preferred...

This was his response, word for word:

'I'm busy all next week Clare - I can't see us going for a three course dinner,(tonight) then popping to my dealers for a couple of grams of coke and then of to a club till 4, watch the sun rise and then fuck in dirty worried positions till 10 am. That wasn't the sort of night I had planned!! That's Friday night - look I'm in town after a meeting, if you've got an hour or so that's great if you want to bail-out, don't worry, I'll see you soon. x '

Made me laugh!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

yeah, i shot it what?

Just Judaced a past relationship with one sentence, ('Oh, gosh, no, it was never a real thing. I kissed him a few times and that's it.') One expression (straight face) and now, just like that, it's virtually never existed.

well, well...

'I class it as cheating if I'm not there to watch.' He said.