Thursday, 30 September 2010

'... I sniff cocaine, and when I do that ... I swap my snatch for cash'

My Book, HOOKED.
Product Description'I love drugs. I love getting drunk. Better still both at the same time. It helps me to forget, faster. I am an addict and I always will be. But when I drink, I sniff cocaine, and when I do that, well, I swap my snatch for cash'. In "Hooked", reformed addict Clare Gee draws on her own experiences of cocaine addiction, alcoholism and prostitution in telling the sensational story of a woman living on the edge. Emotionally scarred by having never known her mother, Katie escapes to London and immerses herself in a seedy world of drugs, drink, and sex, chasing happiness in the pubs and clubs, and snorting cocaine in private members' bars with her rich punters. Finding herself in a cycle of prostitution and unable to break free, she turns to drug smuggling and becomes embroiled in a bigamous marriage in an attempt to secure some emotional stability. From this dark emotional pit, Katie starts her painful journey back to 'wellness' and attempts to rid herself of her addictions for good. Hooked is a graphic tale of how life as a prostitute really is and what can happen when we search for happiness outside of ourselves. It is a poignant reminder that things can always get better, as long as we remember that when it's time to leave the party, it's time.

About the Author
Clare Gee was born in Africa in 1977 and was sent to live in North Yorkshire with her English father when she was five. Aged 16, she moved to London, where she descended into a life of drink, drugs and prostitution. After a period of rehabilitation in 2003, she rebuilt her life in London.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pink Maggit

I'll stick you a little
To take your oxygen away
Set you on fire
'cause I'm on fire
And I'm with you,
I'm so into this whore
Be afraid
I might lose her so forget about me
Because I'll stick you
Pushed back to square
Now that you've kneed her
In the throat
Well there you go
Cause back in school
We are the leaders
Of all so transpose
Or stop your life is what you do
All you are to me is meat
Now pass the flask

Monday, 27 September 2010

Yorkshire Blue.

Hello amigos.
How the heck are ya, eh? Me, I'm feeling odd, you probably already know that. I feel harassed, temperamental, tense, fed-up... Shall I go on? OK then, I will... I've also been feeling despondent, headachy and ...

Oh God, it's wearing me out all this negative twaddle.


I had a gorgeous weekend in the Yorkshire. Relaxed, scratched my arse and did very little.

Blue and I are just as much of a farce now as we ever were. We're very different people and that's that. He's very difficult to understand, for me and I wish he'd make things easier for us. I've got barriers up. I'm joining him. Now we both have them up. Yep, I know - see how far that gets us. This isn't a strategy on my part and neither is it on his. It's just how it is.

There are no plans for a future together and as he frequently reminds me he's an 'individual'. You'd think I'm asking him to carry me on his shoulders while he wades down the length of the Amazon. His lack of communication and unemotional persona is boring me. I love him, I do, but ... I feel my energy zapped when I'm around him because he is so - what's the word...? On a plateau. He has little zest and excitement for much. I'm more bubbly than this and I feed off his subdued spirit and it makes me unhappy.

All I want is a companion. Someone who loves me and I love them with whom I can enjoy life. Oh, I don't know...
I'm sick of hearing my own voice trying to encourage him to do liven up. Either he doesn't want to be like that around me or it's not in his nature to be upbeat. Whatever his reasons for his demeanour that's his business. If i say something he accuses me of complaining.

So now I'm not saying anything. Not a word.

My baby

My book, My story, My words...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hooked, a review by Precious Williams

Ooo check this review about my book written by Precious Williams the author of PRECIOUS.

you've GOTTA see this!!

If you do nothing else in your life, PLEASE watch this and laugh your head off!! Comdey genuis! i love this guy so, so much!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Do you Juggle ??

Oh Jesus - I don't know what's going on with me and not writing posts these days. Shorry amigos. I'm not being lazy - really I'm not; even though laziness is inherent in my character - on this occasion I'm not guilty 'Y'honour.

'Can't you juggle?' SomeTV-executive-type friend asked me recently when i hadn't done something for him in the time he wanted it.

'Juggle what?' I asked knowing full-well what he was implying.

'Well, can't you do this .... blah-de-blah ...' (I wont say what it is cos I don't want to sound more of a cock than I already do - after the 'TV-exectutive,' reference. Cudda been worse - I could have said TV-exec. Grr!) and your second book at the same time? You can't juggle the two?'

'errr, well, actually, I AM juggling, S. I'm in the process of completing a second book and working full time. I get up at 7am, and get home at 7pm - then i try to clear my mind to start writing. At some point I need to eat, have a bath or my second shower of the day and maybe unwind even just a little. So based on this you must understand if juggling more, right now seems quite a feet. I will work on the blah-de-blah in the next two weeks.'

'fair enough'...

So that's where I'm at. Very little blog writing going on from this side, simply because I haven't had the energy. My obssession with UnHooked has truly taken hold and to be truthful I find it draining at times. But I don't know how else to be with it.

Other than the above .... Well, you know I'm seeing Blue again, right? We've just spent the weekend together; the three of us. Me, Blue and my laptop.

I'm so reluctant to say anything much about Blue and I. Our track record (as I'm sure you're aware of) hasn't been one of stability and in spite of this, I'd really appreciate no comments about our decision to try again. The fact is we're both in love each other and have been for the time we've known each other. And that's how it is. For today.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

La Dolce Vita.

I want to go to Capri.
I want to be driven in a 1950's open top car while wearing a Hermes scarf, Chanel sunglasses and imagining I'm in La Dolce Vita.

Monday, 6 September 2010

New Twitter page

Follow me on my NEW Twitter page: @claregeeuk

oh and my friend did these photos for me - good,eh!

Friday, 3 September 2010

I gots a new obsession.

I've just something which is so typically me, it's embarrassing. OK, i've just bought some shoes. Nah - that's not the 'typical of me' thing I've done. In fact, I rarely buy shoes or clothes or make-up. I'm not at all a fashion idioliser or very girly despite knowing how to put together a decent outfit.
Did I also mention that I've very modest?

Anyway, I'm blabbing (as usual)
So, mi amigos, I've bought these shoes simply beacuse I think that they give the impression of a continental style. You know, that well-to-do Italian, preppy thing.
And now (this where it becomes embarrasing. Or should I say - more cringe-worthy) on a whim I've decided that I shall become a follower of the said image.
What a twit!
God. Help. Me. Please.

How long this will last is anyone's guess. My bet starts at it lasting for, errr, around 3 days...

I'm just sitting here thinking that these shoes match my new chic hair-do, and thoughts like this only serve to confirm the delusion that I am indeed turning into a French or Italian Fashionista.

I do this all the time. Especially with men and a new romance. I like the guy. Think about him an unhealthy amount. We text and contact each other more than represents 'normal.' I'm with him as much as is possible within the realms of maintaining work comitments - and then - bang! My intense passion diminishes to unusually meagre proportions considering days before I was ready to marry the guy.

I wonder how long it'll be until the same thing happens to my dearly beloved shoes which we have gathered here today to appreciate. Not only are these shoes currently bringing me great joy, but they have also enhanced the very real possibility of me welcoming a new style into my life.


Gee, you're a twit. fact.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

MeNoKinky A.K.A. Clare ... deal with it.

I'm not into swinging, I'm too insecure. I don't do women, I'm scared of what I don't know. I don't use chains, cains, crops, rubber, rope, or a paddle - unless I'm rowing, and it's been a while since I did that, it's gotta be said. I'm not looking for a slave, or servant or to use another subordinate for an ego trip - but thank you for considering me. I don't want a master or a mistress or even a modern 'basic' such as anal, for that matter... So what type of 'open-minded' woman am I?

a) I'm not. b) I'm true to myself.

Now, read the above again and remember that I was once well, you know... out there.

Does that seem odd to you?
Do you expect a woman who was once, or is currently a prostitute to behave sexually in certain ways? I think even I do, to some degree... We all judge, right? Even when you've been in similar situations.

It's not P.C. or sexy to admit that you have pre-conceived ideas of what a person does or how or why they do (or have done) what they do, or don't.

Judgement doesn't have to be a bad thing as long as it comes with a healthy dollop of open mindedness.