Monday, 13 September 2010

Do you Juggle ??

Oh Jesus - I don't know what's going on with me and not writing posts these days. Shorry amigos. I'm not being lazy - really I'm not; even though laziness is inherent in my character - on this occasion I'm not guilty 'Y'honour.

'Can't you juggle?' SomeTV-executive-type friend asked me recently when i hadn't done something for him in the time he wanted it.

'Juggle what?' I asked knowing full-well what he was implying.

'Well, can't you do this .... blah-de-blah ...' (I wont say what it is cos I don't want to sound more of a cock than I already do - after the 'TV-exectutive,' reference. Cudda been worse - I could have said TV-exec. Grr!) and your second book at the same time? You can't juggle the two?'

'errr, well, actually, I AM juggling, S. I'm in the process of completing a second book and working full time. I get up at 7am, and get home at 7pm - then i try to clear my mind to start writing. At some point I need to eat, have a bath or my second shower of the day and maybe unwind even just a little. So based on this you must understand if juggling more, right now seems quite a feet. I will work on the blah-de-blah in the next two weeks.'

'fair enough'...

So that's where I'm at. Very little blog writing going on from this side, simply because I haven't had the energy. My obssession with UnHooked has truly taken hold and to be truthful I find it draining at times. But I don't know how else to be with it.

Other than the above .... Well, you know I'm seeing Blue again, right? We've just spent the weekend together; the three of us. Me, Blue and my laptop.

I'm so reluctant to say anything much about Blue and I. Our track record (as I'm sure you're aware of) hasn't been one of stability and in spite of this, I'd really appreciate no comments about our decision to try again. The fact is we're both in love each other and have been for the time we've known each other. And that's how it is. For today.