Friday, 23 January 2009

thank you

okay I'm officially a twit.

I've no idea what i'm doing with regards this whole google reader / blogging / my blog log malarky! I'm clearly doing something wrong because I just looked on the reader thing and I've seen more messages there from people who are reading these rants.
Thank you so much. Very kind of you to bother. At times I think I'm wasting my time, cos I imagine only a select few friends, meaning some of the 15 'followers,' and a couple of randoms know that it's here.
I've no idea how to optimise this - and indeed why should I?? cos I want an ego boost, just because I survived a journey that emotionally nearly killed me??

err.... the answer is yes! Sorry!

I'm laughing as I write that. Sometimes it is difficult to convey humour or sarcasm in the written word. At least for me it is.
The Anonymous comment about the malicious and gratuitous bombings in Palestine, was very poignant. Thanks for being so genuine. I respect that greatly.
And as for the two people that wish they were there... that made me laugh! thanks. x