Friday, 3 September 2010

I gots a new obsession.

I've just something which is so typically me, it's embarrassing. OK, i've just bought some shoes. Nah - that's not the 'typical of me' thing I've done. In fact, I rarely buy shoes or clothes or make-up. I'm not at all a fashion idioliser or very girly despite knowing how to put together a decent outfit.
Did I also mention that I've very modest?

Anyway, I'm blabbing (as usual)
So, mi amigos, I've bought these shoes simply beacuse I think that they give the impression of a continental style. You know, that well-to-do Italian, preppy thing.
And now (this where it becomes embarrasing. Or should I say - more cringe-worthy) on a whim I've decided that I shall become a follower of the said image.
What a twit!
God. Help. Me. Please.

How long this will last is anyone's guess. My bet starts at it lasting for, errr, around 3 days...

I'm just sitting here thinking that these shoes match my new chic hair-do, and thoughts like this only serve to confirm the delusion that I am indeed turning into a French or Italian Fashionista.

I do this all the time. Especially with men and a new romance. I like the guy. Think about him an unhealthy amount. We text and contact each other more than represents 'normal.' I'm with him as much as is possible within the realms of maintaining work comitments - and then - bang! My intense passion diminishes to unusually meagre proportions considering days before I was ready to marry the guy.

I wonder how long it'll be until the same thing happens to my dearly beloved shoes which we have gathered here today to appreciate. Not only are these shoes currently bringing me great joy, but they have also enhanced the very real possibility of me welcoming a new style into my life.


Gee, you're a twit. fact.