Friday, 23 April 2010

A sex pest in my midst

OK, here it is - I was saying earlier on Facebook that I am annoyed with the smarmy twit who clearly thinks he is charm personified, who has continually pestered me at work. Well, my boss emailed him today and told him to stop friggin’ phoning me and hassling me to go out with him. He’s been causing me untold embarrassment because I am unable to tell him to get lost. He’s a company client.

He’s been calling my work most days and he keeps asking me to email him, phone him, anything and now he's really pissing me off and I can't take it any more.

So, after starting to exhibit utter exasperation toward him earlier today because of his behaviour, I decided earlier to say something to my boss who reluctantly manages him. Thankfully my boss understands that this guy is a creep, so he swiftly emailed him to tell him to stop being so ridiculous. Not in those words.

The pest responded with: ‘I apologise to you and please pass on my best wishes to her. It must have been a misunderstanding!’ Misunderstanding my arse!

I swear to God, there are times when people underestimate other people. I do it myself. Had I been given a pass to deal with him myself face to face I would have been polite but firm in a manner that he would not have expected. So, when some fucking twat is trying to make out via email that his pestering me is a figment of my imagination – I feel utterly insulted.
Why? Not because the evidence in front of me clearly shows he’s been a f***in’ nuisance; calling my work frequentlyjust to see how I am, but because he has a damn, bloody cheek to even think that I would consider going out with him.

If he calls again, he’s gonna get a dose of my most powerful weapon: Silence.

I will not engage in any conversation with him, polite or otherwise. Instead I’ll transfer his call or cut him off.