Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I'm GIVING away 5 copies of HOOKED.

Hello, hello ...
I contacted the publishers earlier today to see if I would be able to give away 5 copies of HOOKED before its published date.I can! Yaay! Exciting!So, my darlings I thought it might be fun to do a kind of ‘test’ – Ya know, nothing serious, just bits and pieces about me and the blog.

10 simple questions and if you answer them correctly, I’ll pop the names into my bra and draw 5 out. Wherever you are on the planet I will send a signed copy of HOOKED to you.
I reckon in order for people to have the opportunity to do this that may want to but haven’t yet read this notice – what I’ll do is, post the 10 questions up on the Blog and on Facebook this evening at around 9pm.

Tomorrow evening again at 9pm-ish I’ll do the do, and write the names with the correct answers on individual pieces of paper and draw the 5 winners out. Yes, of course I’ll do it without looking!
So, wanna play?

If you want to play with me,(STOP THAT!) please send your 10 answers via my an Facebook Inbox or email me at

So later this evening between 9pm and 10pm the questions will be here, OK sweethearts.