Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Happy days

I’m really relaxing into being single. This is where I’m meant to be right now and for the foreseeable future. I chose to be single for 15 months while I wrote Hooked and it worked incredibly well for me. I know what I’m like when I’m in a relationship.
At the moment I’m feeling independent, sexy, and happy with the direction that my life is moving in. I suppose some of this is about my book coming out in 16 days! Yep, you heard it right – 16 damn days, amigos!
I was thinking though, if I was in a relationship would I be even happier than I am now? Absolutely not! I would not be focused on myself, and trying to make the most of this upcoming opportunity. Because that’s how I see this – an opportunity to grasp my dreams. If I don’t do something more with myself after this book is launched then I’m bloody stupid. No other way of looking at it.
If I was in a relationship now, I’d be totally fixated on the guy and his happiness. It’s crazy – but so far that’s how I’ve been in my life. Being single for some time is an opportunity for me to gain confidence in myself as an individual who also deserves to be adored by my partner.
If I was still in my last relationship right now, I have no doubts that I would be stressed and anxious and that would not necessarily be his doing, it’s my problem, how I respond to things. And maybe I wouldn't be constantly stressed, but certainly my moods would be compromised by another person’s movements and their emotions. F**k that.
I’m loving this new found peace I’m experiencing and I'm not gonna give it up too easily.
Since embracing Singledom, I have been working like a cart horse on my second book, UnHooked. All the words are there now. Over the next 2 weeks I am going through all the text with a fine tooth comb. Hence my recent silence here. What I am doing now is a long and laborious task but I must do it – and the good news? I’m on target to get the first draft wrapped up for the date I’ve decided on.

Everything is good right now.