Thursday, 8 April 2010

Getting Groped in the Office & Holiday Part 2...

So, onto today’s antics- The Office Groper who tried to take advantage of my sweetness, at work.
This is the situation: While I aim for literary world dominance I keep a roof over my head by sitting, looking pretty, fielding phone calls and chatting to incoming clients. AKA – Reception work.

Anyway, as you know some of the clients that come into my work place are attractive – and many are not. The guy that harassed me today initially fell into the ‘is he isn’t he?’ category. The jury was out. It didn’t take long for the ruling to be made, though. And the verdict was a unanimous: he Was. Not. Attractive. At. All. Y'honour.

This bloke started chatting while standing over me. I stood up to be equal to him, which only served to ignite his ‘lust’, it seems.
He was asking me out to dinner, asking to take hold of my hand, embarrassingly complimenting me, and he kept asking if I’d call him or email him.
I laughed this off. Then when pushed I said 'I doubt I will to be honest.’
So, he then asked for my number.
Errr.... “Well, It’s ok, anyway. I can call you anytime – I know where you work", he laughed.
What the fuck? Is that a threat??

How does a woman deal with these situations but keep professional integrity? You see, I’m really friendly and when i get embarrassed in a situation like that – I get overly girly. I get like this when I feel irritated rather than threatened. If threatened, I get fucking arsy! I can take care of myself but this is a last resort. And at work that's unlikely to ever happen. It's rare even outside of work.

Anyway, so he told me ‘You’re not rejecting me – so you are interested then?’
What?? I‘d just told him I was upset about breaking up with my boy. What I should have said was I HAVE a boyfriend, not that I’ve just blinkin split from one - but I'm too honest.

He asked if I thought him ‘too forward’ and I replied, ‘ a little.’ I actually wanted to punch him at this point. He had an annoying laugh and clearly he thought that he was terribly charming and Alpha male which just got up my nose. What he was, was a cock. Anyway, I’ve got his business card which he insisted I take. This of course will not be used for anything other than a tooth pick, if I need one.

But really could anything or anyone spoil today for me eh??
I have my baby in my arms, after all this time. This is momentous and I’m humbled that I’ve got this far.
Thank you all for your support.

Holiday continued ...

I eventually had a massage, administered by a woman, cos I didn’t want an unsexy man touching me. Shallow? Sue me. Despite my past as a hooker, I am really funny about men getting in my personal space, standing behind me or touching my skin when I haven’t encouraged it. In fact it freaks me out and gives me major heaby jeebies.
When I went into the Turkish bath – I couldn't help but be hugely amused by the woman who worked in there. She did the body scrub. She was wearing shorts down to her calfs,and a fine wool jumper with a roll neck and sleeves down to her elbows. What the hell?? I know she was Muslim, but... cripes!

That, actually wasn't what I found amusing – I felt sorry for her in those clothes in that heat. What I found funny was that this woman actually had a face full of make-up on, which had smudged down her chops as you can imagine. It must have been 50’c+ in that sweat hole.
The whole 90 minutes pampering was luxurious and I'm eager to do it in London very soon.
So, I didn't spend all my time alone while away, ya know ... hell no! Will tell you more tomorrow.