Thursday, 3 March 2011

Self doubt and Waffle.

Below are the three emails I've just sent to my agent.

Email 1:

Here I've attached the first synopsis.
It's a bit long and maybe long-winded and maybe it's dull. I dunno.
it's the first attempt.
I'll await your thoughts when you are ready.

Email 2:

In fact - sorry i'm tired. I'll re-write the synopsis tmrw. The basis is there but it needs re-doing.

Email 3:

The current synopsis is too mechanical.
just thinking aloud.
I'm off now! I'm talking shite. Il be in touch tmrw.

You gotta love a bit of self-doubt. And now I have a new favourite thing to do - copying and pasting emails - beware if you send me one. You might just see it on here!

hardy har har! fat-nosed smile > :O) I'm kidding OK! (sort of) I pick and choose my battles.