Friday, 4 March 2011

your SINGLE male friends - GIZ ONE!!

WARNING: This is no laughing matter.

This was my earlier facebook status:
'I want a boyfriend. And anyone that I already 'know' needs not apply. Sorry. If it was going to happen - it wudda already.'Soo, based on this - I have an idea. You know the website ' My single best friend'? Well, it goes something like this... Friends suggest their friends as potential... Potential what? Well, I guess that's up to the two people in question.
Something can start as one thing and end in another. However, I must admit to that realistically I do not want a casual thing. I can't do causal. it's not me, sadly. I'd like an actual boyfriend.

You may wonder why I am so open about wanting a boyfriend.... Well, why not? Why do people get embarassed about feeling human and wanting to be with someone? Sharing your existing life with another person and together creating something new. What's embarassing about admitting to that?

I think having a man would be a lovely topping to my already sweet pie. I like my life. S'nice... A boyfriend would just be a yummy extra.

I want to meet someone and I'd like you to help me make this possible. Surely you there, my friends have SINGLE male friends who are, well, quite a catch...OK, realistically, I'm going to be blunt OK. He's gotta be fit. He's gotta have something, charisma, something... it's nice if he's good looking but that's not a priority. He must be confident and absolutely not loud. Intelligent - obviosuly. Have humour and compassion amongst many other things. Oh and I like full lips and nice hands and an intensity with how he conducts life. And if we're talking real potential boyfriend material - he must be older than me. Mid thirties upwards...

Oh, an another thing - He must not get drunk every week and he defintiely does. not. do.any. drugs.Nicotine is welcome, though...

And one last thing - he's never been in jail for murder or man slaughter or for any reason to do with physically harming a person or animal. I could go on and on and on and on.... but i cant be bothered, so i won't.

Other than what I've written above, I'm open minded. OH. MY. GOODNESS ME!!! I nearly forgot to mention that he must be at least 6'2. A legitimate 6'2. Most men I've met add on at least 2 inches.