Sunday, 1 August 2010

love, love, love, love...

Sometimes, after I've been around people or one person for a sustained amount of hours - after I have left and gone home alone, not only do I embrace the solitude I have grown accustomed to, but I also feel very much alone. Isolation kicks in, and I become acutely aware of the singularity of my existence.

Throughout my adult life I have wanted nearly more than anything - to share my present, hopes, ideas, and future plans, exclusively and wholly with one other person in an all-encompassing union with a man who cannot live without me and neither can I continue without him.
Some may say that this is unhealthy - I don't care - it is what my heart longs for; a love that will saturate every atom in our bodies.
A love that encapsulates all that it is to be human. A love that differences does not alter or quake. A love encased in tolerance, admiration, tenderness, passionate exchanges of ideas and shared aspirations; to be as good as we can be, individually and as a unit. And in part of that love, a physical drive to please one another that remains untainted by lustful desires elsewhere.

And more than anything, more than anything in this silly, wistful dream - I seek a love which is so certain there is no fear of ever being left.