Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Today I had lunch with my ex-boy.

I'm feeling like a cheeky tinker. Up down, up, down, up, down.... that's my mood. Not my arse. I've been very up and down for the past few days.
Sooo, so amigos..... You need to know something. No, not that. You already know that I've got great boobs.. Nah, something else... I'm what?? full of myself ? how dare you! Nope. Not that - If you know me even a little, you'll know that I'm kidding with my 'great boobs ' statement. well, i am partially.

No, it's Blue... I want to tell you something about Blue. Blue, in case you haven't been reading this blog over the past few months is my ex-boyfriend. And if you want to know about him and our relationship just go to the blog page and start reading anything from before March 2010.
That's when we broke up. Via text. Childish and wholly inadequate for a love relationship. But both of us sulked painfully over the following months until about a week or so ago. We finally made contact. We spoke on the phone, and emailed, and spoke on the phone some more.

Today is Blue's birthday. He's just past his middle thirties. Bless'im... tehee.... so.... we met for lunch.
It is as though we have not had a day apart.
He's, well, he's the same guy I fell in love with. And as I said if you don't know how I felt about him and how we felt about each other before our infamous break-up, then check out my blog, Pre-March 2010, here : http://www.claregee-uk.blogspot.com/

So that was that. Lunch was verrry lovely. He's verrry lovely. And the thing that was causing us stress which lead to our ridiculous break-up, has been rectified. I knew it had been resolved long before we arranged to meet today. But after finishing the relationship there was a necessary cooling down period of approximately four months.
I made sure it was established that a definite change had taken place between us before re-booting; cos If it hadn't I wouldn't have met him today. I wouldn't have met him because if we met each other again, we'd more than likely want to be together and I knew this. And if nothing had changed then obviously the same stuff that tripped us up previously, would trip us up again.
I'll tell you more about this over the coming days.

Right now I'm taking a break from my feeble attempts at tidying up my flat in readiness for two of my girlfriends coming to stay with me from tomorrow night - saturday.
Woohoo! can't wait!! yaaay!! fun, fun!