Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Polite Notice:

OK, a couple of things: First: A Polite Notice:
‘Gentleman, when a woman says ‘no’ to you – she means ‘no’. Simple. There is nothing more to it. If she wants to be involved with you romantically she will let you know. If she doesn’t want to be romantically involved with you, she will let you know. And if she lets you know this – then please just leave her be'.

Most women will perhaps appear to most men as not being direct when it comes to dealing with these things. If I’m not interested in you romantically why must I have to spell it out? Why? Why do you try to force to into being blunt? Why must I compromise my own perception of decency by being abrupt? Why must you make me resort to harshness in order to be understood. It’s ridiculous. Is it pride that makes you disbelieve that I actually don’t fancy you? Is it? Why? You could be the perception of a dream man to many women and if it’s not there – it’s not there.
I will never change my mind about this.
Now, M – this is absolutely not about you. In fact, this is NOT about anyone of Facebook. All it is a friendly reminder that If a woman doesn’t fancy you – she never will. You can anything and she will not change her mind, so don’t your waste precious time. Do yourself a favour and move on and don’t hang around to make a usually chirpy woman grumpy. I’m really getting pissed off with someone whom when I met him I thought was normal. He is getting up my nose and any more nagging me to go out with him and I will erupt. Again - I stress this isn’t anyone on Facebook, so no one start getting your knickers in a twist and please dont' come for reassurance cos I'm not in the mood tonight.

Anyway, onward! I’m meant to be seeing S. tonight. He’s beautiful, he’s kind, he’s sweet, intelligent but I feel that nothing more will come of this than what we are doing now. And that's ok..

On a different note – I had a very enjoyable tet a tet with someone last night who isn’t trying to get into my knickers (he says! kidding! kidding!) It was fun and no pressure. I fucking hate pressure. So, anyway since there is none, I don’t need to worry about it !