Tuesday, 2 February 2010

going to BAFTA dhalings!

Well, I gotta admit, I’m shagged. In every sense of the word. Blue moved his stuff in yesterday. Or should I say part of his stuff. The rest is in storage. He’s here and I’m happy. I don’t know how long this will be for. I reckon probably about a month – but I’m not counting. The way I feel right now -I really don’t mind. One good thing that will come of this is that we will gain more trust in each other. I can feel it and so can he. Things are fantastic right now. We’re in love, and at the risk of sounding sickly - everything is rosey. I have no complaints.
I’ve worked out that we will not be spending most evenings together and of course during the day we’re doing our spearate things. So all in all we have a good chance of not getting under each other’s feet or up each other’s noses while this ‘living together’ spell lasts.

So, that’s that.

I’m feeling energised today despite being tired. By that, I mean, I am knackered physically but mentally I am rareing to go!
I had a meeting today with a producer, at BAFTA. Hahaa! Get me! BAFTA dharlings! Little me from a small quiet north Yorkshire town meeting a documentary producer at BAFTA. Those two words ‘me’, and ‘BAFTA’ (sorry I have to milk it!) don’t go in the same sentence without a huge amount of laughter. Whatever, anyway – I was there, innit! Yep, indeed I was shweedies. *coughs*
We met, we talked, I left. She emailed, we’ve arranged to meet again, hopefully on Thursday.
I won’t bang on about what this is about. Not yet. I hate counting my chicks before they hatch – ‘cos if I do, inevitably the chickens will be premature and the poor buggers will perish instantly.

I’m simply trying to get some stuff happening over here, in what I call my life, while I wait for the marketing of HOOKED to begin. Whatever the outcome of this/these meetings is not really the major issue. What I aim for is continual growth. And by that I mean always trying to be better. It’s massively important to me that I don’t feel stagnant. I don’t mean I can’t relax – I mean that I must have ideas, plans, and be willing and to try to execute those ideas.

Of course, I’d like the outcome to be a particular way – but I can orchestrate those events. Time tells all amigos does it not! I do not know what will happen tomorrow, never mind in a few weeks – I am not God. I cannot and will not even try to predict – those chicks must be given the best chance possible to turn into fully grown egg-bearing hens.
And if not – then maybe we could just slaughter one and eat it. That way we still benefit. Albeit the poor chicken is no more.