Friday, 22 January 2010

the Two Men in My Life.

Ah-ha! I’ve just noticed that I haven’t written a post since the one where I was complaining about Blue and that girl who relapsed and how upset and angry I was that he felt compelled to go to her ‘rescue,’ despite her being an old bed-buddy, of sorts.
Well after 72 hours of what can best described as hell on earth, Boy Blue and I finally sorted things out. He has promised not to respond to the said girl’s texts or calls. I can only hope that he doesn’t. I trust him, but let me tell ya - before we got to the point of things becoming steady again, the boy and I had a huge bust-up; the biggest that we’ve had. I want to go into detail but it’s better that I don’t. Suffice to say that if you’d been travelling on the district line approximately 20.30 one day last week (I think it was last week) then you may have witnessed it and heard it. Or perhaps I should say me, not ‘it.’
I lost the plot and behaved in a manner that was not uncommon when I used drugs, but very unusual now I am a clean living-ite. So, after tussling with Blue (because I desperately wanted him to listen to me and I felt that he wasn’t) I broke down, sobbed and he held me. Then the anxiety kicked in, and the mis-trust was forcing me to consider finishing this thing for good. He knew that’s how I felt and he made some moves in order to prevent me walking away.

So, it’s good, for now. I’m over the fury about some random woman entering my life and my relationship uninvited and causing a ruckus. I haven’t heard anything about this girl from Blue over the past week and I don’t suppose that if he’d heard from her (which would put him in a vulnerable position) that he’d be able to keep it to himself; at the very least without me suspecting. He’s very sensitive is Blue; easy to read.

NEWS: Daddy Gee and his Missus are in London. They arrived yesterday and are staying in a hotel. My place is too small – and smokey, and for non-smokers, that’s not pleasant. My words not theirs, altho they were round at mine last night and I cooked my soon-to-be-known-as signature-dish seared smoked salmom, with prawns and leaks in a light peppery/garlic sauce served with couscous.
Blue and I are getting together with them after I leave work today. First time Blue will meet my Pops. I’m excited! I’m interested to see what they make of each other. I get the feeling that they will recognise themselves in one another. Awww, cute! Yipppeee!!

By the way, complete change of subject: if any of yous are any good at power point – I could do with some help to tidy up this presentation thingy I’m trying to do.
Muchos love.