Friday, 22 January 2010

Doing Stephen Fry.

I’ve recently done a Stephen Fry and just buggered off without warning. I guess I should apologise.
I’m here. Not sure why I disappeared, but I did. There’s nothing wrong. In fact, the opposite – things are fantastic in Gee Towers, with laptop and with the Boy Blue.
I must have felt a desire to detach a little. Just like any intimate relationship I get involved in, I have these urges at times to be removed from it and I often do exactly that – detach – think only about myself, then come back.

In the book ‘Men are from Mars Women are from Venus’ they talk about males of the species being like rubber bands. They will ebb and flow as part of their natural development through a relationship and it means nothing. Well, there we have it. I am like a man, clearly.

I guess I dislike feeling responsibility towards people. A little is fine, more than that and I fluctuate between feeling mild irritation, to panic.
Anyway – a step back does me the world of good and now mon amores – Je suis back; stronger, sexier, more focused and finding it hard to walk. That Blue ... Jesus, he puts me through it...