Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Last Night Was The Night.

So, who is watching ‘Kinky and Proud’ on Bravo2? Seen it before but it’s an entertaining and non-threatening depiction of ‘other’ sides to sex. Got it on in the back ground, now.
So, hands up who went to The Groucho last night dhalings?? Aye, that’d be moi! I met with the publishers after work yesterday. I got to Soho and was panicking my arse off! I was nervous before I even left work. Then, I couldn’t find the damn place! I thought I’d know where it was without thinking. Hell, I used to be someone, I cudda been a contender, instead of a ...

Anyway, after a phone call to Sexless who quickly told me to calm the hell down – (in the nicest possible way), he asked me exactly where I was, then he slowly guided me to my destination. I walked in. Told the guys at reception who I was meeting and they took me to them.
Arrggh! Shit, I was nervous. I didn’t need to be, as is usual with these cases of unfounded fear. The guys were fantastic, professional, open, warm, interesting, interested in my story, my plans for the future. Gosh, so much chatter, so much exchange of information. They are enthusiastic. Well, they did buy the book. I've also given them a chapter of the second book. I couldn't manage the three chapters as I'd first intended, instead I gave them just the opeing one.
I am now half way through the edit with their editor. She is going to send me the first half of the book tomorrow so I can start the proof read. That’s what she said anyway. In the contract it states that I get two weeks in which to say Yay or Nay to the tweaks that she has suggested. So, I’m guessing if she’s sending me the first half tomorrow that means I will get one week in which to accept or decline. It’s All interesting stuff. As you know I’ve never been through this process before so it’s all fascinating to me.

Blue met me from work today. He needed to get some clothes for a dinner/speech thing he’s attending and speaking at tomorrow evening. He was freaking out cos he finds it really difficult to make decisions about certain things. Shopping is a problem area for him. So after an unnecessary amount of umming and arring, he got him a new black suit and a white shirt. This is one of my favourite looks that a man can wear. He’s gonna look hot. Good on him! Tomorrow is a big deal. It’s quite an honour that he has been asked to participate in this.
We’re ridiculously into each other. I like him a lot. Things are good between us. Of course we’re not perfect, who is? We’re both pretty changeable with regards moods, but so far, the other has picked up the other, if the other is feeling sketchy. Get me?
So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty absent from this blog recently. For that I apologies. I’m so busy at my job, then it’s either Blue time or book time, and I’ve been struggling to keep my head steady and focused. It’s not good. But I’m here now. How many times have I said this before? Please be patient with me my friends. I mean no harm... Here ya go ... I'm handing you a pretty yellow rose. Smell it... hmmm.... it's gorgeous isn't it!?