Friday, 13 November 2009

Bloody Oddball !

OK, before you ask – yes, the boobs are still gigantic. They’re tender and I’ve come on today. Sexy weekend ahead? Well, I’ve got two words to say to you and the second one is Humbug.
Well, I am seeing Blue tomorrow, that’s the plan. We’ve been exchanging lustful texts all day – and now this. Bloody Poo! Well, it’s not bloody; the poo, I mean. But it is bloody. The other thing, ya know, ya know... Oh, I’ll shut up...All I meant was Poo in the ‘bugger it!' sense of the word. Are you with me on this?

No? Hey ho...

It's 10.05pm and I’ve just got home. ROCK 'n' ROLL !!!
I’ve been out for dinner with H.D. and I ate fish, (can’t remember what kind) with a yummy aubergine and tomato saucy side-dish, and that rice which is only half cooked - can’t remember the name of it. I now sound like a philistine don’t I!? Considering I used to hobnob in fancy restaurants, here I am and I don’t even remember what that crunchy rice stuff is called...
But in those days I didn't used to eat when I went to a restaurant. I used to drink, lots, usually wine,(not Chardonnay), vodka, then as though I'd actually eaten I'd finnish, with a couple of large Calvados. The drinks would be peppered with repeated visits to the loo for lines of coke. And we'd head to a club.

Moving on amigos, I had a very bizarre message on my non-Missy Gee Facebook page today; some fucking weirdo that I met about 2.5 years ago when I first broke up with Sexless. This guy (via Facebook) asked me out for dinner. I'd never met him before and after that one time, I never met him again.
He looked bloody gorgeous on his photo. So, since I’d just broken up from a relationship (which I actually thought I’d be in for the whole of my life) I decided to go ahead and meet this hottie.
When I saw him, I couldn't match the guy infront of me, with the photo I'd seen. It was blurred, but even so.
In fact I was so disorientated by the difference in his photo and the actual guy, that when we got to the restaurant I didn't eat. And it’s not cos I was sniffing charlie. I'd left all that behind ages before. The reason I didn't eat was because I didn't want to be there, but felt too embarrassed and confused about what was going on to leave immediately. I was utterly perplexed.
Anyway – I relaxed a little while he ate alone, and I had a juice before leaving. Now, as I was leaving I did something very, very, very stupid. I kissed him.
I'd just broken up with my fella and it was a sympathy kiss. I felt weirdly obliged. Ladies, some of you I know will know what I mean by that. My friends do. And it's got nothing to do with being an ex-hooker!
The kiss wasn't a snog, but one of those kinda extended kisses, ya know...then I went home. Days later I told this guy that I wouldn't see him again and that I regretted kissing him. I said this becaus ehe started saying ' How could you kiss me like that if it didn't mean anything.' WTF?? Kiss him like what??
For the love of God!
After this, he started a hate campaign against me which kinda freaked me out. then I just thought he was a fucking fruit-cake weirdo and I ignored it.
I’ve never seen him since.

Anyway – I got a message from him today under an assumed name but he had a photo there. What a fucking weirdo. Now, I’m wondering if he is actually deranged.
Why would he do this after so long? It’s not like we had sex or anything. We didn't even exchange saliva.Although at the time I think he thought we'd had some sort of passionate kiss. Why oh why did I do that? Why did I kiss someone that I knew I wouldn't see again.
Get a grip Gee! I guess I made a simple mistake. Never again.

... and no, Seth this is not about you, OK!