Wednesday, 21 October 2009

You know which Side your Bread is Buttered

Some people are addicted to shopping. Some people are addicted to crack. Some people are addicted to base...(im referring to the music variety, not chemical. Altho some people are addicted to that too) but I, much to my shame; I am addicted to bread and butter. Not just any bread, hell no. Spongy, fresh, white bread with acres of butter. Yuuuuuuummmmmy!!!
I realise now why I don’t buy it. Or I do, but only on rare occasions. I went into Waitrose yesterday on my way back from work (which is my nearest supermarket) and decided to indulge in my secret passion. Already I have demolished the majority of it. It’s not good. It’s really not. I’ve gone from no carbohydrate to excess amounts. I’ve definitely got my winter coat on now which amounts to maybe around half a stone... That extra weight makes the difference from firm and hard – to still relatively firm, but softer, rounder...
Hey ho... I guess these are the type of things people do when they are not well, in order to help recovery; eat stuff they like. I’m just trying to soothe my aching body which seems to be battle a pre-winter bug.

I’ve just discovered that I will have to leave the house at some point today unfortunately. I’ve run out of duty free cigarettes. Sexless brought me some back from U.S and they’ve gone already. Again this is not good. But I have to admit I am a tad more concerned about my bread consumption than my nicotine usage. I do have my priorities straight. Honestly, I do. No, I do... you know stuff like Sex with Blue, instead of writing my second book...

I’m gonna see if I can write some of my second book today and also work on Chapter 4 of Hooked, that the editor sent me to work on before she went away.
She’s back at the end of this week so I hope we can crack on with the rest of the edit... Chapter 4 of Hooked is very emotive for me and since she sent it to me I haven’t yet opened it yet. I get nervous. I worry. It’s my work. It’s a big deal to me... but today is the day...

First I’m gonna go and buy some more cigs, and err, eat just a tad more, err.... bread with at least a centimeter of golden goo perched on the top. Sue me! Yuuuuuuuummmmmyy!!