Monday, 26 October 2009

G-spots, Pretzels & Milk Chocolate.

OK, the location for mine and Blue's saucy weekend was changed at the eleventh hour. We went to Windsor instead of Oxford.

I would tell you ALL tomorrow, in the non-sensored detail that you woudl expect from me...

I've been quite unwell again today with a splitting head ache. I'm beginning to wonder if I am allergic to chocolate. Can. You. Imagine!!?
That would be criminal, would it not!

I still have a banging head and if I attempted to tell you now, about how I was stimulating Blue's anal g-spot and how he was pushed over the edge of delight straight into nirvana - I wouldn't give it the decorative description that it deserves. My head is really aching and it has been since around lunch time. I ate a pretzel with a galaxy chocolate bar for breakfast. I know, I know... but I'm a size 10, some times an 8, so it's OK! OK...?!

So, after some sleep I will tell you about the blood bath that we incured due to me being on my period. I won't tell you about that now. And I won't tell you about the 4 star hotel which was not 4 star at all...

I'll leave all that for tomorrow my friends. I hope y'all are feeling brighter than I am right now.
Bon Nuit.