Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Breathe Again.

I’m trying to juggle a few things at the same time. Or so it seems, when all I actually have to do is:

1. write a book.

2a. manage my relationship / 2b. friendships.

3. work 09.00- 17.30pm.

4. eat and consume liquids

5. sleep.

6. write a blog.

Numbers 2-5 (inclusive) some may say these are ‘just’ life. (Numbers 1 & 6 are personal to me) Although I see each of the above points as part of the simplicity and beauty of this marvel that we exist within, daily; I still sometimes struggle with it. Lots of people do, eh!?

What makes a change, for me, is, that I’ve been struggling with number 6 as a result of number 2a.
I’d like to say my struggle with 6 is also to do with 1. but alas, this is not so. I’ve barely participated in any book writing whatsoever recently. I just can’t get into it and worse stil I am not majory fretting about it. It will happen. Dunno when, but it will.

Number 3 plays a huge part in hindering my activity with number 6 and number 1. I’m tired after sitting in an office all damned day and the thought of creating literary masterpieces makes me squirm. And to be honest my loves, I’m even struggling to get my small brain into gear to write yous some goss opting to go to bed before the watershed. I’m sorry. I always feel so responsible for stuff, it’s ridiculous. My breaking loose from the daily blog, is, in many respects rather liberating , and in others I feel as though I am letting people down. Listen to me! Who the hell do I think I am, eh!? Do I think I’m so important that i’m not here mouthing off some bollocks about my life, (which incidentally has bugger all to do with anything of any world importance, economical relevance) your lives will be less enriched ? The answer is no, I don’t think that at all.

So the past few days... what’s been happening? err... sex. That’s what.

I can’t go into detail about our night in Windsor merely because I do not have the energy. I'm tired and I still have to get the first thee chapters of UnHooked to Lou, an editor, before the end of tomorrow. She has agreed to work with me (very last minute) so I have the chapters perfected ( if there is such a thing) before the Publishers takes me to The Groucho next week. *clears throat* Yep. You got that right folks... Me. The Groucho. Publishers.
Doesn’t that make a beautiful sentence... Yes, I think so too ! It’s hilarious! And brilliant! Love it. Life is good right now, today.

Despite only having about three hours sleep last night because Blue and I find it impossible to leave each other alone; from the moment we are off the street we are rutting like rabbits.
When we went to Windsor the instant we got into the hotel room we played for 2/3 hours. Just rollicking around having sex, smooching, giggling, touching being intimate, chatting, watching each other.

As a result we went out when it was too late to find a restaurant open. But with determination eventually we found an Indian restaurant.
Went back to the hotel and smooched til the early hours.

Our weekend was thrilling, loving and we’re totally smitten. I’ll speak for Blue too, there, so watch this space... I intend for this record to roll and roll and roll...