Monday, 14 September 2009

Ce Soir.

Bloody hell, I’m full ! Just eaten Chinese with a friend who I haven’t seen for ages. I never see any of my friends ‘for ages’ so I'm not telling you any news, there.
I don’t suppose he’ll mind if I mention his name on here; Mark. He’s not the Mark from oop north, he’s a Saverner. I don’t see my friends enough. And when I do – I love it! I’m quite a hermit although people refuse to believe it when I tell them that. It’s the truth.
There must be something about me that makes people think that I go out dancing on table every weekend. It's odd. I don't get it. I’m really quite unsociable and certainly lazy. I love being lazy and I find the term ‘unsociable’ amusing, because it so often infers something negative in most minds. Well, not in mine! Oh no dharling – unsociability is de reguier; the new black if you will...
Hey look, I have to try and glamorise it somehow to make it less , errr, odd.

Whatever, anyway – I live my rules within societies laws. (Just made that expression up! I like! yippeee! We got a new one there amigos!)
At least I am no longer a hell raising coke-fiend-mo-fo-ho. Instead I am a law abiding coffee-drinking-spinster. Yep, indeed I am; drinking coffee... err, and a spinster.

Hey ho... it’s OK. I’m feeling good right now. Maybe something to do with an over-sized slab of chocolate cake earlier today and Chinese duck, just now.

I thought today about my words to Blue on Saturday were unnecessarily cruel. And I have to admit I did something which, in my non-angry-state ( as I am now) was quite despicable.
We’d agreed to go out for dinner ( Saturday night) which I was going to pay for, and when he told me that he was not staying with me that evening, I withdrew the offer of dinner. Now, that’s bad. Not classy, not decent, not who I am. In fact it’s controlling and mean and I wish I hadn’t withdrawn the offer. Saying that there is a story behind it, but I won’t go into detail about what lead to my uproar about Blue not staying that evening – if I did that , it would cancel any integrity I am now claiming to usually have. Ohhhhh, the minefield that is relationships.

I was talking to Mark tonight about how I don’t mind admitting that I actually don’t want to be by myself. I want to be in a relationship. OK, that may not sound very PC and it’s certainly not fitting for a sassy like me – but, so what? I’m speaking my truth. Why should I ‘embrace being single’? Why? Why? Why should I not yearn to be in a happy relationship? Should I be ashamed of wanting what I consider to be natural?
I wouldn’t accept just anyone in my life, of course not. I place value on myself. But finding the bloke that’s going to take me off the shelf and give me a regular dusting over is definitely high on my list of things to do. Hell Yeah! Why not!?

Well, one thing for sure... I work in an environment where maybe I could spot a bit of potential ‘hows-yer-father, mother and sister’

The place I work in handles a lot of premiership footballers managers and other sports people’s cash. So some of those people come into the office.

Stop grinning, you! OK, OK, you can smile... I am! Although, a WAG is not something I wish myself as.


Just a quickie ... Remember a while back we did a questions game where YOU asked me questions and I put 15 into a post (if there enough)and I answered them...


If so, how about we do ONE question each as we did before... And like I said before even if you ask me : Why is an ex-whore like me still breathing?

I will still answer you – Ask yo Mamma that same question.

So, no smart asses please!
You’ve been warned... with a warm friendly smile, naturally...x