Tuesday, 15 September 2009

... and then God created people.

I’ve just got home – hell, this girl can’t stay in these days! I met a friend, Sym and we went for Jamaaaicaan food, and a long catch up. She’s bloody lovely is Sym. I met her when I did a massage course in Windsor a year after I left rehab. She’s a very special woman; vastly clever, interesting, interested and she’s very easy to be around...
My heart is warm right now. I have some fab friends who I am connecting with. About time... Seeing these people and speaking to them (I just spoke to Sexless on the phone for over and hour) invigorates me. I only have good people as my friends. I don’t deal in frenemies (friends that really, you don’t like.) My mates are inspirational to me. I guess because I respect them and like them immensely and I like how they live and their levels of decency. Very important. I’m not light hearted when it comes to relationships, whether romantic or friendship.
I love to listen to what people have to say, what they think, how they feel...

Ooo, and something else... I just got a text message. Le 51 year old, silver-haired Sexpert. Remember him? He tells me that he’s going to New York tomorrow for 5 days and he asked me if I’m free after that, for us to meet. Dinner, not nookie!

Err, well, yes, I am actually Mr! I’m free as a bird. Had he text me a few days before it would have been a different story – but now, well, yeah, now? Why not?
I don’t mind hanging out in his 4 story brick warehouse conversion house. I spent a very happy summer (the very beginning of last summer) mainly on the top floor, the whole of which was his bedroom; two walls the depth of the building is glass leading outside onto 2 huge balconies over looking London. His bed takes up nearly a ¼ of the whole of the massive room.

err,what did I say ? Dinner, not what..?

Funny how things happen,eh? I wouldn’t have contacted him, because the last couple of times we’d tried to meet I canceled last minute, and I wouldn’t want him to think that I was acting like a twat. If you know what i mean...

Anyway, I’m not focusing too much about being dumped. I’ve pined for the boy periodically, of course I have, but I understand. And unlike before when we ‘broke up,’ this time I know that it really is over and I feel OK about it. I’m sure we will be friends at some point. I’d like to keep contact with Blue. He’s a good guy. We shared a lovely extended moment and now it’s over. It’s time to leave it behind me.
Right now I’m loving the feeling of not knowing what will happen tomorrow. How exciting is that!? Literally anything could happen and anyone could walk into my life.

Weird how people adjusts to situations, and are able to re-adjust when things that they think will last, don’t?

What does Aunti Flo say? ‘Nowt as queer as folk’.
I say – ViVa people!