Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My Life's Worth.

Moved my stuff into new place. Painted sitting room already and half the bedroom i.e 2 walls.
I have no Internet at the new place cos the Royal Mail has kindly furnished London and it’s citizen’s with a postal strike. That means that I have not had my Telewest/Virgin/Sky hub thingy delivered yet.
Fabulous! Writing this from work.

Last night L and I were like sexy, lean, hair-less truckers as we hoiked ( is that even a word? I think it is) my meagre belongings – the sum total of my life on this here planet and dragged into my new nest. Yep. That is my life’s worth – one car load.

POO! Boohoo!

(Please understand that my reaction to that is a joke, ok. Yes, I know I.Am. Worth. So. Much.More .Than. Some. Bin.Liners.Of.Clothes...)

I couldn’t have done that move last night without L. She’s a trouper is that girl - I kind of am too - In fact, I definitely am, but I pick different battles to L.

I give up much more easily than she does, with things that I do not regard as ‘beneficial to my emotional well being’... ( hope that last sentence didn’t sound too twatish.) I’m laughing now... with my tongue-in-cheek -(y)-ness.

Maybe it is the inherently lazy aspect of my nature that can’t be faffed to deal with things that cause me (what I consider to be) unnecessary stress.

For example if ‘things’, ‘stuff,’ give me hassle, I can’t be arsed with. I do not covet possessions what so ever, so I leave them be.

Last night I was willing to leave a number of items that would actually be quite useful, behind, cos it was a struggle to get them in the car. Also when L. was trying to find my place(that i was moving out of) in the dark, she couldn’t. And because i couldn’t describe how to get there, I suggested that she drive the hour back home instead of us both going through the frustration of trying to figure out how she could get to me. She was determined to find me. She sees it as a challenge and she succeeded.

People and Issues caused by them, or as a result of, are the only aspect of my life ( if I can help it) which I am willing to take on board stress for. That’s what matters to me. Trying to cram too much into a car is not the kind of fight I take on. If the stuff doesn’t fit properly, leave something behind, I say.
L. really likes to try and work out the best strategy to get the best result. I just slap it all together and see what happens....
Take this post...
Suffice to say – ( where the hell does that expression ‘suffice to say’ come from?? It’s weird, no!?)
My attitude is - Let’s just get there! Wherever there is. Give me the end result. Instant gratification! Now! Now! Now!
I don’t care about the journey.

Wellllll, I kinda do. It depends doesn’t it, huh?

Take for example the journey to plant a baby inside my tummy so it can grow in there, and keep warm until it’s ready to be hatched... Now that’s a journey I can handle...
Take the other night, not last night. I didn’t write a post last night cos I was moving house... No, I’m talking about the night before that.

What was I doing? Well, I can tell you this much mon cherries - It didn’t involve anything to do with moving house... but it did involve Blue.