Sunday, 16 August 2009

just another thrilling day!

Got picked up this morning at 11am in a black Range Rover Sport by a 6’3ft hunk. As he drove us to a country pub he was talking to me about literature, people, his passions, my passions. We arrived at the secluded, leafy area for Sunday lunch. After that we met with L, K and KS and watched ‘Coco, before Chanel’.. He then brought me home, banged me and made me gush onto his tongue, and he’s in my bed right now as I’m writing this.

...And if you believe this you will believe that pigs fly without the aid of planes, rockets or being strapped onto a sky diver’s back.

What actually happened today was more like this: I woke up early, 8am... yes, that IS early on a day off work and considering it’s Sunday.
I was still tired so I went back to bed. I got up again at 11am and called a taxi company to help me move some of my things to my new pad. I filled the people carrier with the help of the taxi driver, then we passed thru McDonalds and I got us both lunch – 2 Big Mac Meals. Yum! Can't remember the last time I ate McDonalds.

Got to the new place, unloaded the car – gave the guy an £18 tip, then got cracking with more painting.
I painted anything that couldn’t run.
The place is looking lovely as I said yesterday. I’m nearly there. Still in the old yard right now but I reckon Tuesday will be my first night in the new Gee Towers.

Exciting stuff! But I'm just so bloody tired. I still have stacks to do on my book before 21st August. Can't wait for this next week to be over - then I'll have properly moved, and of course cleaned my current place. What a barrel of laughs, eh!

Anyway, getting into the bath now, then bed, before another week begins tomorrow at 7am.
I got a feeling that this week will be the start of good,good things...

Oh one other thing... I came across a black jacket when I was unloading my stuff. It belongs to a guy.
No idea whose it is. It’s not Dees. It won’t be S’s or the photographers. I’m guessing it may belong to one Blue Boy... but I can't be sure.

Ahhh, so many men, (in) so little time...