Saturday, 8 August 2009

Moving on.

Hey, hey! Sorry I haven’t been here for a couple of days. Not even sure what I’ve been doing, really! nothing out of the ordinary... saying that I went to view a flat. Remember I told you I was thinking about moving?

Well, I saw a lovely place which is within my price range and I got it. Paid the guy a holding deposit and i get the keys in two weeks. I’m really looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life. Back to where my friends are. Back to where my old yoga studio is and back where i belong. Yaaaay! Good things are happening at the moment. Life is molding into a shape that I am liking the look of.

I can’t believe from how I felt a few weeks ago – no job, possibly now apartment,no man etc, how things have massively improved. Thank you God! Now, I have a job, and apartment to move to, still no man – but I am getting closer to the book deal day to day. Blue and I are leaving it from now.
I’m disappointed but it’s the right thing. You see, I have a no-tolerance to ... how can I put this??
stuff that makes ones lips purse.
Do you understand what I mean? I could write a lot about how I'm feeling but I’m not going to. There is nothing left to say except that I won’t be contacting him again. I’m not angry, I’m sad but I shouldn’t be - those 3 weeks we had together were magical, beautiful, sincere, that I believe.
I’m very happy that we indulged ourselves. He’s a really lovely guy. I like him a lot and I wish nothing but happiness for him. He is – happy, that is. I won’t be worrying about that. He’s a pretty buoyant guy who has a whole heap of good things coming his way. I met with him yesterday lunch time and I got to give him his birthday prezzies. They weren’t much, but I’m happy that he got them, especially since then we’ve agreed to move on. It would have pained me to have taken them back to the shop. I wanted him to have them.

So, what do we do when people or things disappoint? We move on. I’m not talking with another man. And this has a total of ZERO to do with Dee, before y’all start jumping to conclusions. I am focusing on what I am able to do – and that’s write, plan and focus on building a life.
It means everything to me. And in due time I will meet someone. It will happen. I won’t be looking, I won’t need to. Time will tell. Time tells everything.