Wednesday, 5 August 2009

"Am I willing to do radio & television interviews???" Me? err, ok then.

Just got home. Been for dinner in Islington. Yummy! Had Italiano with my Honourary Dad. I had a cray fish salad and he had a moan. He’s really struggling keeping positive right now. He’s pretty down. He has trouble walking and needs to be virtually propped up. His walking stick is just not sufficient unfortunately and he is reluctant to get a wheel chair (pride) although he desperately needs one.
God only knows how he makes it down to London to come and meet me, but somehow he does.

Anyway, I’m tired now. I’ve had a good day with powerful waves of happiness about what is coming...
I’m working like a cart horse at the moment. Work is tiring because I’m not used to it yet and my head is full of the book. I’ve been working on it today and trying to answer some questions that the publishers sent me via email, about sales & marketing etc...

Getting asked questions such as am I willing to do radio and television interviews, is surreal. But there we have it. This is what comes of being in with the literati dharling!
I was also asked what are my thoughts for the front cover of the book?
Plain. Simple. I just want the name of the book on the front and that’s it.
I was also asked what are the books that are already on the market that may compete with Hooked?
Err, none. Mine’s the greatest! No, I didn’t say that. Although I should have done really. They have asked me loads of questions which I need to answer and get to them for tomorrow morning.
It’s bizarre doing this. I won’t believe it’s really happening until the book is in print, that much I already know. I’m way too cautious to allow myself to feel unadulterated excitement. Not yet.
So, right now I am tinkering with the copy and trying to really sharpen it up. It’s going well...
Tomorrow, after work I am going to view a flat. I want to move. I’m sick to death of paying through the nose, for a space the size of a garage. OK, maybe it’s a garage that would fit two Range Rovers inside it, but still...

I’m meeting L. so she can come to see the flat with me. I’m paranoid about going alone incase I get attacked by the bloke who is showing me around. It’s a private let so I can avoid agents’ fees.
Like I’ve said before I have more chance of passing a kidney stone than a credit check. Anyway I’ve spoken to the guy and he sounds alright, but you never know I may be meeting someone who has just been released from Broadmoor. Let’s hope not.
L. is hard. If he tries any funny business she’ll kick him in the bollocks while I call him a Plonker before we both run for our lives. But I’m sure that won’t be the case.
Until tomorrow my friends. Bon Nuit.