Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It's all going off!

Current climate – Cool, with highs of not very, and a wind chill factor of probable.

Oh... I knew this would happen. The other day Dee – There – (I’ve mentioned his name after I said I wouldn’t) tried to add me onto his Instant Messenger list after I had deleted him from my email exeterra, exeterra... Long story short he emailed me a simple ‘hello how are you?’ And I responded.
Blue and I had a conversation about this sort of thing the other night so I know he wouldn’t mind.

Anyway, Dee and I have ’chatted ‘on Instant Messenger this morning and he very cutely asked me out on ‘a date’... Bless him.
It was very sweetly done. I don’t know what to do... It’s not a total shock. I knew he would contact me at some stage. Actually I didn’t KNOW but I suspected. Anyway, when he asked me if I’d like to do something with him (Go out with him. Nothing more!!) I told him that I’d suddenly become shy and that I would catch him later in the day.
I’m so passionate when it comes to people that I like that right now I feel as though I am plotting a coup against Blue’s position in my heart, despite Blue’s behaviour yesterday being callous and thoughtless.

I guess I feel like I do because the two of us ( Blue and i) haven’t had a conversation about us ‘doing our own thing’... I get the feeling that I probably won’t hear from him again. And so he won’t hear from me again. Who knows? We may, we may not as I may or may not let Dee take me out.