Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hot off the Press!

I just got a text from the marketing director of the publishing house who, get this: wants to take me to the Groucho this afternoon. She is presenting Hooked to the international Sales team and would like us to meet for a drink/coffee. Coffee is still a ‘drink’ ain’t it!? Still have a tendency to think someone is implying alcohol when they say the word ’drink’. But she’s read the book I presume... how could she mean booze, eh!?

Blimey! Look at me! God, it’s hilarious and very flattering at the same time... The Groucho, dhaaarling, moi. But she wants to meet in working hours. No can do. Have work commitments – so Groucho will have to wait, and instead we’re popping to the local caf round the corner from my work.
Today my baby book is getting presented to people who will then sell it to various foreign countries, so that lots of people can get to read it.
Hells bells...

Blue is in a mood of some sorts. Something to do with me comparing him to Sexless. Sexless is a very fine man who I respect massively and who I have cared about before we got together and continue to do so after our relationship ended. I don’t know why being compared to that would be an insult to anyone.

No doubt it is something also to do with my ‘speaking’ to Dee on IM. Well Blue has known for days ( since he reads this) that I’ve had IM contact with Dee. He hasn’t said a thing. He may think he shouldn’t need to. Yep, that would be the case if I felt more secure in this...There isn't any urgency from Blue to see me. I know he likes me. I also know that he may not feel as free to be able to instigate stuff as he may do if he had more money... but to me, he just seems very laid back...and I take that personally.

Anyway – I have just over an hour before I go on my date with this marketing woman. I fee; nervous and bewildered and excited! She will be the first person to inspect me from the publishing house. I must make a good impression – it’ll go a long way to decide what kind of marketing they will use me for.