Friday, 28 August 2009

Gagging Order...

I’m knackered. Been spending time with a certain boy who I said I wouldn’t mention in this... His name begins with ‘B’ and ends with ‘E’. It’s difficult for me to even mention his name now. I told him that I wouldn’t and in order for me to explain why I said that I wouldn’t, I would have to explain why I said that I wouldn't.
Worry not mon amores, I am certain that the veto will be lifted soon enough and I will have my gagging order removed by ‘ Green & Yellow mixed together makes...’ B..E
Hey ho...

So....... *looking up at the sky, whistling with my hands in my pockets.*Yeah, so......umm........... err......... right then.

Nice weather, huh!? Err..................... I’m tired. Did I already mention that?
Ok, ok.... I’m more than having a man ! I’m more than what having a man represents! I am! I am!

I NEED A MAN LIKE A FISH NEEDS A BYCYCLE................ Zzzzzzz...

*Breath Gee. Breath*

Ok – so, the agent has told me that she is taking me out for dinner next week on Wednesday. Remember I didn’t know if she would pay or if it was my duty to pay her? Well, she’s paying. She gave me the choice of two swish eateries, and I’ve chosen the more rustic, softly furnished one – rather than the media haunt which looks stark and soul-less.

I cannot wait for the long weekend!!! I can’t wait! I like my job, but I simply cannot wait to be able to just hang out at home, go food shopping, drink coffee around my new area with Bl ... (Oops nearly said his name).... and generally be thankful for life.

Will write more later.... about to leave work. I’ll go home, smoke a ciggie, scratch my squidgy ass and have a nap. Then, maybe, I will lie on the sofa, watch TV and be grateful for the very little I have.