Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Sexless afternoon.

I’m still very up and down. I’m not quite myself yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing the doctor tomorrow morning.
I had a lovely afternoon with Sexless today. I do love him, bless him.
We went for lunch and chatted non stop. He’s been traveling a lot for work and by the look of him – shopping on the way. He’s enjoying life and making fantastic waves in the company that he works for.

I wished we’d made it. He’s the perfect man – just not at all bothered about sex. But every other aspect of him really suited me, but I guess you must take the whole package as it comes, right?


He said something funny to me today ... As he was growing up his father had told him that the secret to a relationship is ‘meeting someone who will put up with your crap.’
Sounds obvious in some respects ?
But I like it.... You see, the two of us had put up with each others crap but because he (Sexless) could go for weeks without sex, eventually that really bothered me.
I have other things to focus on right now and its not men. I’m happy to be single and it very necessary.
I understand that I could not have stayed in the relationship that I just broke free from and deal with my book. There seems to be a little movement with that, and I aren’t prepared to relinquish what I need to do with regards the book just to be with someone who doesn’t know my truth.
In a future relationship: the guy will need to know my real and honest story and he will not judge me for it – but that’s a long way off. I need to be single at this junction in my life and I’m happy to go back to my default mode: Singledom.