Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My luck seems to be in...

Ooo, where do I start?? Ok, S, just left my place. He’s going to check out locations for a film he’s about to start working on. I know I sound like a pretentious arse by saying that he's ‘checking out locations dhalring!’ But it’s true! And I have to admit his job is rather sexy, so it does my minuscule kudos good! Who doesn't like a spot of that, eh? As long as one doesn't take it seriously and with a pinch!

We met for dinner again last night. Very spontaneously done. He called me on his way back from a location where he’d been filming ( no, he’s not an actor) and asked if I wanted to meet him 30 minutes later. I did.
I ate a yummy lamb steak with rocket salad and Parmesan. Gorgeous. He then came back to my place where I gave him an oily massage in candle light and head.
He’s sexy is S. Very handsome and cutely snuggly. He teaches me things. Tells me about history and art, and architecture and stuff all while being a ‘Man about town trend pot – which I’m not. He’s also been talking me through his perfect blow job. I like a man to know how he likes things. Everyone is so different and I find having an opinion sexy, rather than 'I don't mind.'
I love that stuff. Being taught – about history etc... It actually turns me on more than good looks. Oh and being advised on someone’s preferred style of being sucked off. I love to please. And S is so giving, that I he's a pleasure to give to. I’ve known him for a while; about 3 years now, so we pretty much know how the other works – just odd adjustments are needed as life develops, people change.

The two of us have always kept enough distance for our thing never to get too heavy. Therefore he hasn’t experienced the extremes of my insecurities. He’d say he has, but he hasn't believe me! I want it to remain that way. He is still split from his girlfriend and last night he felt he needed to explain to me (over dinner) that he had seen her at the weekend when she picked up her belongings from his place. He didn’t actually have to explain this, but it’s cute that he wanted to... They weren’t living together. In fact they only saw each other about twice a month. She travels a lot.

I don’t want a relationship and I don’t suppose S. does but he keeps fishing around to see my thoughts. Miraculously I’ve kept completely quiet on the matter. I feel no need to make declarations of intent - or lack of...
The comfortable thing about what we have is that neither of us has ever pressured the other for anything. We’ve always talked about working together on something and it is seeming more likely now – cos as I said the other day there seems to be movement with regards my book. I won’t say more until agreements are on the table.

Yesterday I got offered a job. I’ve accepted it, naturally! I am so pleased. I went for the second interview, but because I could tell that the guy fancied me I thought this would go against me due to him being serious about his work. I believed that he wouldn’t want a distraction floating around the office. Anyway, seemingly it didn’t go against me and inspite him telling me that he had three more people to see (I was the first one) for a second interview, within one hour of leaving I got the job offer.
Yaaay! I’m pleased! The only thing is (always something, eh!? with me at least!) I took a few months off to complete my book and they (the agency that got me the interview) want to know what I was doing during those months. Why didmt they ask before? Why now?
I don’t really want to mention the book in case they don’t think I’m serious about the job offer... but I guess I’m going to have to. I hope to God it doesn’t put them (the company) off.

So, now I am going to have another cup of tea and a snooze. I don’t sleep too well with someone in bed with me last night ... at least I don’t until I get used to them being there. Plus having sex until very late ( poor me! getting grinded deeply until the early hours... how do i cope!?) means I didn’t get much time before S. needed to be up – therefore waking me..
Let me tell you something, it’s a riveting experience to be able to move around in bed again, when sharing my bed with someone. Having some skin to skin contact with my partner without being tutted at, and scolded, and told to move - like my recent ex-boyfriend used to do. I couldn’t move in bed without him huffing and puffing like and old man...

Oh dear - I’ve just deleted the last paragraph that I’d written here, cos it was bitchy and unpleasant about my recent split and really there is no need for me to keep the thing alive by even moaning about it.
Good things are happening at the moment. This is an exciting time. I must focus on good not poo!