Thursday, 30 July 2009

Boy Blue

There is something about Blue. People call it so many things - chemistry (which is a description that I am not wholey comfortable with. Using it feel contrived to me.) His breath magnetises me; his scent, something that has ruffled my feathers. You don’t come across this too many times, do ya? I’ve gone through the motions with many a guy and I’ve been able to look at the bloke I’m with and think Phwwaaoorrr, but they haven’t necessarily touched me on this, shall we say instinctive level.

I reckon even if I was blind folded I’d still be drawn to Blue. Ok – if a line of guys walked past a blindfolded me and breathed into my face that wouldn’t be a great turn on it has to be said. But imagine I had been given, let’s say, a worn t-short of Mr Blue’s - then I’m convinced that I’d detect that it was his.
You know something...? Actually it doesn’t matter. The fact that I think that is enough. The facts are that we are very drawn to each other. That’s enough. That says it all.

OK, off for a ‘special snuggle’ with Boy Blue.