Sunday, 28 June 2009

filling in gaps

1. I went to get my hair trimmed on Friday. The woman hacked off about 4 inches . Since when has 4 inches been a trim? OK, I put a chemical straightener on it the night before against my better judgment so it’s in a state right now – but come on. 4 fucking inches? That’s a cut, love, not a trim!

. I have got an interview for a job on Tuesday. Just another temporary basic office job to help me through. Fingers crossed.

3. I’m going to Surrey to hang out with L. tomorrow. She’s got a portfolio she needs to get done and feels unmotivated to do it. She needs someone there with her to get her ass into gear.

4. I have a mission today. Meeting two Chinese friends of KS ( who have flown into London from China)and they do not feel confident traveling on the underground system alone. I am meeting them from their hotel and escorting them to the correct train station to get them to KS’s house. I’m SUCH a good friend... ha! KS is at a birthday party this afternoon and fears she will be tipsy when the time comes to collect her visiting buddies. She lives outside of central London and doesn't want to travel in if she can avoid it, so I have been assigned to go pick up her friends and pop them on to the right train so she can meet them at the other side.

5. I didn’t get up until 14.30. Mid afternoon! That’s crazy! It would be absolutely fine had I been out partying the night away last night, but alas, I had not. I’m just a lazy and clearly tired toe rag who needs her sleep after a stressful week of worry.

6. I’ve just put some washing into the machine. White sheets, 60’. Ariel powder and Comfort softener.

7. I am doing anything to avoid working on the second book UnHooked. I just can’t bring myself to start it today. At some point I must though, otherwise while I’m searching for a job I will feel useless just staring at the walls and doing what I do best. Scratching my brown bottom.

. I returned Dee’s t-shirt ( the birthday present that I bought him which he’d left at my house by accidentally) and I exchanged it for some Shalimar body lotion and some hair conditioner.
I feel very pleased with myself.

9. I must call daddy today. I’m reluctant because when they (daddy and his wife) ask about work I don’t want to tell them that I’m not there any longer. My dad will worry himself sick and at since he's 80 years old ,I can’t have that.

10. I’m aware how nervous I feel about meeting anyone off Facebook (even if we’ve established a form of friendship) for coffee or whatever... I’ve never met anyone face to face that knows what I once did for money, and the fear of judgment terrifies me. I’m supposed to be doing this tomorrow, and Tuesday. Tomorrow’s has not been confirmed yet but Tuesday kinda has. Although I still need to text the woman in question. At least these two meetings are with women. Somehow the fear factor would be trebled if I’d arranged to meet a man.

11. I am going to write a week by week plan of what I intend to achieve for the next 6 months. It’s important to me that my life never stagnates. It’s difficult for it to, since things, even if it’s just emotions seem to happen. I have written detailed plans before and really stuck to them and actually achieved the goals within the designated time. I love that. I like to know I am moving forward all the time and never letting life pass me by.

12. This week is going to be about routine. Waking up early. Going down stairs to the gym and focus, focus, focus. Now I am off men for a while, this won’t be difficult for me. She says. Miss ‘Wouldn’t know routine if it bit me on the nose 2009.’

13. Let’s see how long I stay off men... I’ve already decided that if I really want a bit of physical, I will be calling on a certain friend of mine’s services. I recently found out that he was seeing a U.S singer from a band whose initials are DC. He didn’t want to tell me at first in the spirit of ‘discretion and decency’ according to him. But when I read about it and saw photos of my my friend snuggling up to her. Well, he could hardly deny it. He didn’t want to seem as though he is being ’unprofessional’ by blabbing, he says. Whatever ... Any one else I know who has a fling/ thing/ liaison/relationship or who had even spotted this girl in a crowd would be standing on top of the OxO Tower shouting about it. Good for him I say; not that he kept it quiet – but that he was stepping out with this girl. It makes me think that even A list celebrities are very accessible. I thought it odd when I knew he’d done a photo shoot with her but he said he's just been 'lucky' to get the job.
I have to say it kinda made me feel a little ‘important’ knowing that he’s been banging this singer. Silly isn’t it? So lame of me. I'm just being honest though...Well if, let’s call him Photographer, can handle a woman who let’s face it could take her pick of men, world wide but yet we still have our ‘thing’ whenever I fancy a bit – then all I can do is click my fingers while waving my hand in the air, and do that side-to-side head movement thing that is synonymous with black American women giving attitude.

14.Just writing something here so I don’t leave the above list on evil number 13! OK - I haven't eaten yet today... maybe I should do that next...