Thursday, 4 June 2009

Big Brother V Rehab

Just watching Big Brother! Yaay it’s back! A few people seem surprised (including Dee) that I love this voyeuristic stuff. Why?
I used to like Celebrity Love Island ( before the bloody thing got canceled. (Lack of viewers! How could that be!?) I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here, blah, blah... err, sorry if that sounds tacky... Is it? well, I still like it.

I love watching people and their interactions. Surely that’s what life is about?
Big Brother is just like being in Rehab. It’s exactly the same as a residential treatment centre - but without Group Therapy sessions.
I understand how everything gets blown out of all proportion in an environment such as the Big Brother House. People believe they love eachother, people argue over bugger-all, and the outside world seems like a distant planet.
Sitting in an enclosed area, day in day out and seeing the same few faces every goddam day is a show of stick ability which to me, is admirable. For Big Brother inmates and Rehab-ites.

I mean, some people may think that Big Brother Housemates should have better things to do than loitering around a make-shift house all summer. But let’s face it if each housemate makes £20-50,000 after their performance, that’s damn good earnings for very little work and a lot more effort than it appears.

It must be the official start of summer, now this yearly ritual has come back onto our screen! Yaay! Dee and I met at the time of Big Brother last year, so this also symbolises a personal achievement – I’ve scraped through one year of a relationship. You and I know it’s by the skin of my teeth, but at least I didn’t completely give up on it and neither did he. And when I say that I'm not the easiest of women to have as your girl - I exaggerate not.

The coming year I reckon will be much easier now that the decision has been made to stay with Dee. He's shown the stick ability (in the line of fire) that I respect. I’m not exactly a commitment phobic, but I often freak out at the prospect of spending a long period of time with the same man – while at the same time wanting nothing more than that.

SING: *She's like the wind*

Anyway, yesterday I was waffling on about doing things to please my man, remember? I spent ages straightening my hair ready for tomorrow’s wedding - and you know what? I was talking to Dee earlier today about tomorrow, and during our chat he mentioned that he thinks I should have my hair curly. Like I said he likes me to look natural.

If I wasn’t comfortable with myself I would wonder if his liking for the natural me is cos he wants his girl to look less attractive to other men. But I don’t think it’s this for a minute. When I teased him about this, he said the reason is that I am a combination of ‘hippy chick, city girl who doesn’t need to try too hard.’ Err, OK. You heard it here first.
So, after that comment what the hell is a girl to do? That’s right amigos - I’ve just washed my hair, so that it becomes curly.

...No, really I am very independent and single minded, and I have the ability to make my own choices. Honestly, yes it's true. err... – I do, really...

*clears throat*