Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Preparing for the upcoming Inspection

I.Hate.Cleaning.And.Tidying Up. What? I’ve said that before? Well, here I am saying it again – and the annoying thing is - I have to do it. I am not a scruff pot, certianly not. Nothing is 'unclean', just untidy. I'm simply not anal about this stuff.

The reason I'm panicking about this now is - Daddy and Step Momma are coming to stay. *Trumpets playing*
Indeed, the King will be here friday and his Queen will be casting a subtle eye over each inch of my residence with her OCD cleaning eye.
I remember the two of them coming to stay (when I was living with the sexless relationship, 2/3years ago.) and I’d spent a couple of days at least (I’m trying not to exaggerate there. I actually wanted to say ‘I spent a few days’) cleaning and organsing and making things perfect.
As we approached the flat, I said to them just to cover my ass ‘ You’ll have to excuse the mess’.
I then giggled, cos I knew the place was spotless. I felt confident, proud even, as they walked through the door.
You won’t believe this - the first thing my step mum said to me once we were inside, was: ‘Don’t worry about your place - I’ll help you tidy up before we leave’.

Oh god.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it... But her comment had myself and my then fella in hysterics. I’m laughing now thinking about it.
The flat was modern. Wood floor etc. Minimal furniture, just like the one I’m in now. I mean, come on ! How much mess can one make with minimal belongings along side sparse furnishings?
Not much I reckon... But still, I have to get this show on the road. I’m actually feeling anxious about it. Being lazy with these sorts of things, by nature - this does not a happy Bunny make.... Poo!

I must crack on.

So why didn’t I start this cleaning malarky last night? Because I was getting banged senseless - no sensual, body caressing, sweet whispers. Just a hard, intensive fuck. Just what I needed after a sexless holiday week.
So why don’t I just leave the flat organisation until tomorrow?
Well, because I’m be getting banged senseless. My snatch will be eaten out, my ass whacked and if last night is anything to go by – my body will be trembling.

Hey ho..... it’s off to work I must go.

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