Thursday, 14 May 2009

Polite Notice

OK, I’m going to say what I have to say and I’m going to try not to upset, piss anyone off, or have you think I’m a twat. But I have to say something:

Right. As I’m sure you know I can be very direct. I talk about my reality in a brutally honest and direct manner. It’s called a style, my friends, I’m sure youi’re all aware of that.
It amuses me. I enjoy writing like that.
I want to share my story with you and I want to say it in a way that I enjoy, and that some people find titivating. It’s fun, funny – it's a giggle.

I am not how I write.
I am the content of my scrawlings and more, but I am not the style. The way I express myself in writing is exactly that - a writing style.

You must know that due to my past I am relatively sassy, confident and fun –and when I write crudely about things such as ‘ getting fucked relentlessly’ – yes, it’s true. But I say it with a grin – my tongue is in my cheek. The content is truth, my expression is just humour. I write in a filthy manner at times, because I like it. But was I brought up to speak like that? Of course not. Would I accept my children to speak like that? Come on now! Why do I do it? Well, why do you read it? It’s fun, right?

Just because I express myself in that way does not mean that I am not an angel. I am an angel. I’m lovely, warm, snugly…. And yes, for your information I can fuck like a chimp. Why can’t I be tender, sweet, genuine and rampant with a filthy mind?
Course I can be.

Why do some people get upset or feel let down when I am fluffy, then, brutal immediately afterwards? Women can be both, surely? In fact all people surely have different dimensions to their characters. I call it spice.

Also while I’m here I need to make another statement: Please don’t forget that I cannot respond to the scores of messages that come into my inbox daily. I just can’t do it. I have a life outside of Facebook and outside of my Blog and outside of my Notes. I am not an ex-coke whore who can fuck like a demon and express myself like I do, to everyone that meets me. Well, I am. But they don’t know it.
The Notes are part of a wider picture. Like everything in life – it takes many parts to make a whole.

Imagine if I was constantly reply to every message that is sent to me ?I would be involved in a full time job doing this – and who is going to pay me, huh?

I try and reply. I really do, but I simply can’t do it every day, and if ever you feel let down, then all I can say is that I mean no harm. It’s not personal.

You may have noticed that it’s more direct and quicker for me to reply to a comment on Facebook than to go and open each and every email I get, I mean, when would I ever get a chance to have my hair pulled while I’m being taken from behind, while getting called a dirty bitch, hey? Really.

Check out my Facebook page if you fancy a more personal chat. I'm under the name Missy Gee.