Thursday, 23 April 2009

Your questions, My answers

I enjoyed doing this - Thank you for playing with me - It was lovely.... Maybe we can do it again some time...?

Your questions & My answers -

1. Do I want children in the future?
Without a doubt. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating by saying I want children (nearly) more than anything in life. Sooner rather than later, ideally.

2. Where do I see myself in 10 years?
And what will I be doing? Hmm.. 10 years, eh? I see myself living only part time in England, somewhere like Bath or the surrounding counrtyside. And most of the rest of the year in a hot country. I hope to be married and have two, three or maybe even four children. I want to be writing books full time.

3. Would I ever move somewhere to meet a guy and if so when am I going?
I would definitely move somewhere to be with a guy. To meet a guy? If we’ve never met before, I’d certainly WANT to go and meet him, but I’d feel a tad nervous in case I got myself in a situation where perhaps he wasn’t actually who I’d thought he was during our previous communication or possibly he had done time in prison for murder – and he was looking for his next victim. There are aspects of someone which can only be realised when face to face so it’s obviously necessary to meet before packing ones life into boxes and moving permanently.... But I am nuts enough to do most things.... There’s very little that I wouldn’t do if I felt safe enough to do it. Or the drive was there.

4. What is the one attribute you look for in a man above all others?
One? That’s difficult, pinning it down to one. I thought of saying to be cherished… All the usual stuff, honesty, decency towards other people, a lack of ego, confidence, career ambitions, passion, patience, intelligence of the extraordinary variety oh and he must be laid back, ‘cos I’m not always. And did I mention I also need to find the guy sexy in some way. If I don’t very soon after meeting him – I never will. And that’s that.

5. If a tree falls in the wood's and nobody is there does it make a sound?
I believe it would.

6. Don't you ever want to find love and settle?
Who doesn’t? I totally do. I want it tomorrow but it doesn’t look like it will happen tomorrow. But I am always hopeful.

7. Apart from your holiday in a couple of weeks, what are you going to do with the rest of this year and your life?
Nice question…Before going away I am getting the book back to the agent who is passing it onto a critic to read through. When I get back I will wait to hear what the agent has to say. My focus is getting the book deal and continuing writing the second book. I’d also like to get back into more Magazine work. As soon as I can, I will move back to Surrey where most of my friends are, but the reason I don’t live there now is yet another story… which I will explain another time.

8. Do you have a tenner and some money for a Boots meal deal? (see previous comment on the everyone has their price topic')
Actually I don’t have a tenner on me right now– I usually use a card to pay for stuff. But I can give you a tenner from my bank if you want it. I care little about money. If you’d prefer me to cook you something to eat, that’s not a problem –

9. Have I got the time?
Yes I have.

10. When are you heading to Australia to guest appear for my modelling agency?
I am so broke I couldn’t buy a decent hard backed book on Australia, never mind a flight ticket. It would be an honour to visit and come to a fashion show, but my modelling days are over. I wouldn’t have the confidence to exhibit myself in front of lots of people like that. Sorry. And thank you for the offer.

11.If you could hold again one object from your past.. something you have lost or mislaid...something with meaning.. something special... could be little or small... What would it be? Why? Why is it special and does it hold memories for you?
This is my favourite question, because it’s my favourite answer. When I came to England my mother sent with me a stone cross painted sky blue with a ephigy of Jesus crucified onto it. It was all roughly yet beautifully hand painted. I managed to hang onto this cross for years – and I’m utterly astounded that after everything I’ve been through and everywhere I’ve taken it – I no longer seem to possess it. I would hold that again in an instant if I could. It is the only thing that my mother has touched that I had.

12.If you could do anything you wanted to do to any man that you enjoyed being with, what would it be?
To make him happy, to make him laugh. Especially good if that something makes me happy too – Oh and we’d probably be on a beautiful paradise Island somewhere.

13.Would you settle with a man who is not your ideal man just to have someone to be with, or would you rather wait for that perfect match no matter how long that takes to find?
I would never settle. I understand my worth. People say ‘ Wait til I get to 50’ – I intend to be a well kept attractive woman at 50 who will still not settle for less than what makes me totally content. That is, of course, if I haven’t found The Man by then.

14.If you had a chance to go back and change history... would you choose picket fences and 2.4 etc over the lifestyle and experiences you have had...??
Yes I would, every time. I deeply regret much of my past. I don’t subscribe to ‘ The past makes me who I am today, so embrace it’ No, I don’t embrace hurting myself and my father like I did and compounding my existing problems further by the choices I made. I was emotionally very unwell. I am not a person that tries to prove my ‘wackiness,’ or eccentricities. I‘ve spent a lot of years trying to cover that stuff up. Now I’m alright with my little quirks. I enjoy them even, but still, I’d have liked to have felt ‘ normal’ as I was growing up. You know, have a regular life, family, upbringing…Just little things like that - hell yeah.

15. do you think you're need for constant reassurance from partners in your life is related to your addictive personality? is it something you need because you need it (to fill some hole inside as it were, in the same way drugs were), or because of issues relating to your past.
It’s about filling the hole than I’m guessing Mama’s absence left me with. That hole has manifested itself in a deep rooted insecurity, which eventually I believe will be filled with unwavering trust and love. I totally believe that. And the constant need for reassurance is a manifestation of that very insecurity.

16. Have you managed to squirt when a man...or woman has played with your G spot? A woman has never played with my G-Spot. A man, however, has, and no, I didn’t ‘squirt’… but I do orgasm quite easily - hard and juicily.

17. If you could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, real or fictional who would you invite and why? These are the people I’d invite. In no particular order: Marilyn Monroe, ( interesting character) Tyson Beckford (for my desert) Picasso
(fascinating mind) L. ( a friend, so we can gossip about the evening later) Plato
(need I say more?)

18. A) Stockings or hold-ups? B) Pole-dancing or striptease? C) What's the most unusual place you've had sex? D) Where would you absolutely love to have sex? E) What do you mean only one question each? a)Hold ups. b)Burlesque, so Strip tease. c) No where really unusual. In a rehab, is that unusual? In amongst Cretian mountains? In a shop’s stock room, but that was by myself… d) I don’t tend to think about that really. I think of how the sex will be and with whom… although I would like to fuck and know we’re being watched. e) I always aim to please – hence breaking your question into parts…. Cheeky tinker!

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