Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Let's PLAY...

I feel far more relaxed now I’ve decided I’m not going to work on my book tonight. I use it like drugs at times, totally obsessively – to the point that I start feeling unstable.

OK – just a quickie ... I thought it may be fun if we had an interactive session, so to speak...

You don’t have to press a red button – all you need to do if you want to play, is YOU ASK ME QUESTIONS.
You can ask me anything. And hopefully tomorrow if we have enough questions, I will write them in a note and answer them and post them onto my blog.

Let’s try and get 15 questions together and I will answer them all.

Including any dick who may want to ask me ‘ Why don’t I throw myself off the nearest cliff, you useless hooker..?’ You know who you are you beautiful child of God, you.

So, preferably we’ll get 15 questions from 15 different people – but I know how you lovely folk can be - preferring to be arm chair supporters rather than getting involved.
Go on... it may even be fun. You never know... x

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