Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Text, X & ex, & ex.

I’m really tired. I haven’t been sleeping well at all – I can’t switch off after working on my book, when it comes to bed time.
This is gonna be brief.

The ex-boy has asked me to go away with him for a night in a country hotel, in an undisclosed location on Saturday. We’re going walking through fields first before relaxing in an old stately home that has been converted into a spa retreat.
I accepted his offer. It’s gonna be saucy and rude and invigorating – I can feel it.
Ironically approximately 3 hours after our clandestine liaison was agreed – I got a call from the herbal-tea-drinking-ex-sex-friend who popped over the other night for a cuppa. He called me while I was at work and I told him about me going away with my ex boyfriend.

30 minutes after our chat – I got this text from him:
‘Don’t get back with him – I should have never let you go. I’m a dick. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Your so beautiful and meaningful. I hope you can consider the fact that me and you could be much, much more a second time round. X’

To which i responded:
‘Baby, your message was a surprise. I know you well enough to know that if you had me in any other way than our current friendship, you wouldn’t want me. I don’t want random sex with a guy who has a girl. That’s not fair on anyone. If you are not happy with the girl you are seeing, then consider leaving her. But I know, you and me would only ever be casual, ‘cos you didn’t want me before, when you could have had me as more than a screw. Me and * have not made a decisions about anything between us, and that’s how I want it. We’re taking it steady. Time will tell. You know I like you a lot but apart from anything else, yours and my lifestyles are very different, Big Kiss. ‘

And as an after thought I text him this:
‘and please don’t take back your last text. It was nice to hear you give a shit. I never felt you did.’

And his response to that was:
I always gave a shit. I’m sorry you felt anything other than that.’

Hmmm.... the fact that he’d fuck me and hang out with me – then without warning he announced he’d met someone, was a slight give away that quite possibly he didn’t give a damn. Or maybe that’s just little old me getting the wrong end of the stick.
I’m of the school of ‘ He’s just not that into you’ if he ain't calling you his girlfriend, but he’s banging you anyway.

Just now, 2 minutes ago - the ex-fella and I just had a bicker on the phone about rent. I put the phone down on him.
I’m tired, I can’t be bothered. It stinks of how we were before the break up. Oh dear... What did I say? Stately home, Saturday night? Me and him?

It's called a 'break-up' 'cos it's broken, huh?

We'll see.

*the ex-boyfriend’s name

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