Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sushi Snogging

I’m feeling quiet and periody this afternoon. I suspect the ovulation tablets wortked, cos I feel like I'm due another bleed... but we'll see, sometimes I'm left in this sorry state for over two blinkin' months!( it's not on...it's not on...)

I’m going to leave work in a few minutes and get my ass back to the sofa where I intend to stay for the majority of the evening, until I transport muyself into the bath and then into my bed.

I met with the ex-fella last night – I say ‘last night’ but it was actually straight from work at around 6pm, so guess it was evening, albeit early.
We went for sushi and a snog. Those two don’t normally go hand in hand but since this was like a first date, we went ahead and exchanged saliva anyway.

He’s bloody pretty is my boy, OK, ex-boy... We had the kind of evening you have with someone you ‘really like’ when you first meet.

I walked around a corner to meet him near Tower Bridge and we virtually ran into each other. He was coy and he admitted he felt ‘shy’ – very endearing and attractive, a hot guy declaring his shyness while looking me straight in the eyes, and firmly gripping my hips. I love that shit. Tell me you’re shy with your dick in my mouth for all I care… how horny would that be?

Anyway, so today we’ve done this irritating and stupid text/wait/reply/text/wait/reply, bollocks. I hate it. All that stupid game playing, I can’t be doing with it. I’ve decided that I’ve batted my last text for today – now my phone will be off for the rest of the evening.
Wanna play ball? Well play with yourself then - ‘cos I’m ain’t taking any shit.

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