Friday, 10 April 2009

Raring to Go!

Yaaay! I'm excited about tomorrow.
The ex-boyfriend is picking me up from my flat at 10.30am in his sexy black Audi and he's driving for two hours to our secret over night location. Can't wait!

I've considered doing the whole, corest, fishnets and extraordinary high heels gig, for him - but nakedness seems to be his greatest appreciation. I think based on that I'll just stick to heels and a pout. Nothing more.

My body is buffed, it's smooth and fake tanned. Since I am mixed race it may sound odd to some folk that I some times use San Tropez. But it gives a lovely glow to a natural butterscotch hue.

Tomorrow I won't be posting anything here, so I wish you all a jolly Saturday filled with kisses and delights.
Catch you on Sunday. I'll spill the beans you bring the sausages.

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