Sunday, 12 April 2009

Filth in a Country House

Bloody ‘ell ! I’m on fire! *keep it humble, keep it humble Gee*
I’m gonna have to write my weekend adventure in two parts cos I’m getting ready to go out. Going to the jazz place, to eat and drink juice (poo!) and laugh with a couple of the blokes I have met from my place of work. Nice guys, they are. Side splittingly funny, so I’m in for some entertainment - apart from the live jazz.
So, so, so.... yesterday, last night, Hunstrete House* – the place was divine. The room was upgraded so we had the largest suite there. The service was exceptional ,the company – was, well, dashingly handsome and erotic and as always, he was funny. Very funny. He makes me alugh a lot.

He spoilt me. I spoilt him. We pampered, kissed each other’s asses (literally, of course) in, out, in, out, shook it all about...

The four poster bed was used in all its glory, as was the humongous free standing bath, and the two sofa’s that resided in our bed chamber. We chatted, he drank, we ate, I chortled, and boy, did we fuck. Hard. The heels were on, the face was saying
‘come and get me’, the vixen was unleashed, and his cock was oh, so hard.

I winced, I gurned, I yelped, I shuddered, he gurned, and grunted, and told me ‘I’ll fuck you til you bleed’ – I wanted him to – fuck me til I bled. I didn’t of course, bleed, I’m no virgin, as you, my friends know. Not even when I took the empty water bottle from the side of the bed and inserted inside my soaked vagina, then insisted he roger me with it too. He did, and I came again within a minute. He wants me does my ex-fella, as I want him. ( physically).. .But I left him today after a lovely ‘clinging onto each other’ stroll through Bath – angry.

I’ll tell more later when I get back from seeing my other two boys...

*The scene of the lust :

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