Sunday, 8 March 2009

Minimising Past Relationships.

Funny how past relationships often get minimised when talking to a new love.
A great love can be reduced to 'Someone I once used to go out with' very quickly.
Someone you've spent an intense few months with can be relegated to 'A guy I used to know'...
"How serious was your relationship?"
"Errr, it wasn't really. It was pretty casual, ya know..." I just don't mention that the guy just happened to break my heart and he left me devastated.

It's only ever the woman in question who really knows about her past relationships, flings and one night stands. Not even her friends will necessarily know everything.
Hell my ex-husband's don't even get a look in, on my tally of past liaisons. Not even under the category of 'Someone I fucked when I was drunk, years ago.' Those two marriages and the two men involved get the grand total of nada recognition on my scale. I'm happier with it like that.

A friend told me two things over dinner the other night, which made me smile:
It's only ever a woman who know the father of her child.
And: You find out how many children a man really has when he dies.

Blimey! Call me old fashionoed but I hope that isn't really the case. Not in my life, anyway.