Tuesday, 10 March 2009

how men love women

Today has been a successful day. I’ve been in a fantastic mood – partially thanks to actually being around people and hearing about their lives instead of being in my own company too many hours of the day.
My head isn’t the most comfortable place to reside, you know. Not all the time.

Also my good mood is partially thanks to my boy giving me some hardcore lovin’ last night.
Right, I haven’t mentioned something here – sorry I still have a tendency to break news that I’m not happy with, after the event. I can keep things to myself until I go blue in the face if needs be.

OK, I don’t know why this has been something I haven’t wanted to share with you, until now (now everything’s okay again I can say it) but the lover and I were struggling with our sex. He loves sex and so do I, but I was feeling increasingly bored of getting banged, more than being ground on.
I am of the gyrating school of intercourse, rather than pumping style. Yeah, sometimes I like to be slapped around, called a ‘dirty bitch’ and have my knickers ripped from off my body – but you know something?
I love slow sex. I love it. Deep, sensual, full body contact, slow sex.
I like it when he doesn’t really move much inside me. I like it when we kiss and I feel his cock is there, inside my body, without added jerky movements.

I didn’t know about this type of sex until Alex showed me. And although the boy will have me believe that he’s participated in everything to do with sex, except, being with more than one woman at a time – I don’t think he’s made luurrrve before now.

I’m kinda his first love; his first committed girlfriend.
Now, have I told you that I’ve been in this same situation with nearly every guy I’ve had a relationship with ? – again with the exception being Alex.
Miraculously my men have either never had a committed relationship prior to me or they haven’t been in a relationship for years prior to us.

I’m not saying this as a ‘Hey, I’m so fucking sexy, they just gotta hang on to me’ ego trip – well, maybe a bit!
Just kidding!
No, it’s clearly something in me which subconsciously taps into an aspect of these guys which I sniff out, before reeling them in.

I know one thing for sure, if a man who hasn’t had a relationship for years, or who hasn’t had a ‘proper’ commitment with someone falls in love with you – he will adore you. Probably always, to some degree.
And my belief, for what it’s worth - ziltch - is men love more powerfully than women. When a man really loves a woman, really loves her - he will never quite get over her.
It takes longer for a man to fall, but when he does he rarely finds a replacement for that love. I reckon men only have the capacity to really love one possibly two partners in their life. Where as women biologically have to be able to love deeply more than once. They are the child bearers and have to protect their brood, so if anything goes wrong with their partner, we have the ability to move on and love again. Which is better for her and her offspring.
I might be talking bullshit, I don’t know. It’s likely.

I talked to the Psych about this – and her opinion?
Just a smile. A non –committal smile. She’s terribly professional, you know.