Wednesday, 11 March 2009

OPINIONS, assumptions and men, men, men

Yesterday Gee’s Law proclaimed that men who are in love with a woman, love more deeply and lastingly than a woman loves a man. So, now I’ve made that point – how about we discuss the different stages of men…
I am 30. Guess you need to know that in order for my figure to make more sense. Here goes… "Gee mouths off her opinions again - who the hell does she think she is!?"



Older men = 42 YRS(ish)+ who live in life’s fast lane.
Younger men = 35 YRS- who are in the slow lane.
Wilderness years are the 7 years in between. No-man’s land, where men between 35 and 40(ish) test out what it actually means to be a grown man. They’re in the middle lane.

They, the middle roaders understand that aged roughly 35-42 society is, (unfortunately for them) regarding them as fully fledged adult males. So, apart from worrying about greying hair and pot bellies they feel they must start actually acting like grown ups – at least part of the time.
During these wilderness years maturity becomes a prototype, still under construction and not yet a smooth running appendage.

If these guys are not yet responsible for one or more children – this is the time they will start to wonder if they are infertile?
Maybe years of drinking, smoking, drugging and numerous partners will leave him wondering if he is now unable to reproduce. Instead of congratulating himself for being responsible, the sustained lack of impregnation becomes a bone of contention niggling at the back of his mind. Is he firing blanks?
It’s question after question about everything for men of this age. Yeah, they can screw with the best of ‘em, in fact, much better now they’re more sure of themselves and what women want. And it seems, proving to themselves that they are productive member of society becomes more important that focusing their energies into lots of different women.
I’m accustomed to men in this lane, but quite honestly I notice that they are very focused on themselves. I mean this with regards accumulating trappings of social success - and internal spiritual well-being gets cast to the sidelines. They probably consider that a woman would balance the scales bringing a more rounded dimention to life. Oh, and of course she gives a fantastic appearance of ‘respectability.' People will think he must have his shit together - he’s got a woman. Now if his girl resembles the 6’ft blond Russian he saw at the strip club the other week - even better.

Men who are in the middle lane of life’s autobahn, from my experience are obsessed with their careers and making money and mostly everything is an accessory. They desperately want to acquire possessions before they turn 40, which sadly for many men seems to be a cut off point before they deem themselves a ‘failure.’
Until they get there of course, then hopefully it's a different story.

I don’t need to be with a man with millions – absolutely not! Just living decently is success in my book.
Don’t get me wrong I’d like to be with a fella who is wealthy – but I would never choose dosh over genuine care, attraction and mutual understanding. Why would I? If I did I may as well just call myself a whore, again.

Men over 40 have confidence about who they are, their status in life and their future plans. That is such a sexy attribute. If they’re broke, they’re broke – take him or leave him and if they’re financially successful, so what? Either way he’ll spoil you in his own way.
Men over forty have usually been involved in a long term relationship of some kind. Personally I think this is the making of a man; sexually and other wise - and if he hasn’t had a long term relationship and he's in his forties - then why the hell not? Surely it’s an older man’s experience that adds to their appeal? And a long term relationship is an 'experience' surely? Errr, not that I've had one...
I've barely managed 2 years.But I'm not in my forties.

These forty plus guys reside in the fast lane.
I’m talking men with spirit, passion for life, here. They are at least relatively physically healthy, they may have children, they may have had a wife, some probably still do – and ladies, it is your business, okay!
Men in this category take life by the balls. They love everything that stimulates the senses: delicious food, drink, new locations, sex, travel, fun, laughter. They take care of themselves (especially if they’re single) and if you catch ‘em early enough, his erection problems will still be somewhere in the distant future. You probably won’t even be around for that anyway – so enjoy.

Older men love impaling themselves onto younger women who in turn purr liberally, appreciating these new-found bedroom skills.
The guy is grateful to be fucking a young piece of pussy and he’s eager to please. He’s a gentleman, he takes her places. They visit the latest exhibition at the Tate Modern, she pretends to be interested, but she loves being taught. They go to upmarket sex parties in Europe and dine at beautiful restaurants. God - and the kisses You'll think he won't ever stop. He’ll make you feel cherished, he indeed will cherish you. He can because he’s not as self absorbed as he used to be. He takes you away at weekends and he’s not thinking about work and how he will conquer the universe. He either has already or he accepts that he may never, and trying to do so is no longer what is used to be.
He’s generous, attentive, physical. He wants nothing from his girl except enjoyment.

Finally men in the slow lane are ones who are still painfully learning some harsh life lessons. I call it the slow lane in terms of self development and appreciation of life - ‘cos however many times these guys get slapped in the face before they're 35 - lessons are still not easily learned.
Why would they be?
A lack of responsibility, a love of booze and adoration of sex is surely an accepted right of passage in Britain for this age range, right? These guys have passed their puny twenties, their bodies are changing and becoming broader.

They now need to prove that they are no longer officially ' young men'. In their own minds - they are in full bloom.
They need to promote their prowess to friends and to themselves. They need affirmation from women that they are sexual beings who are virile and good in bed. The looks and awkwardness of their twenties seems in the distant past as they start bedding women they never thought they could - spurring them on to screw more.
They need to bang this girl, suck that one’s tits and finger her cousin preferably all at the same time and if not – in the same week will have to do.

Men under 35 are only saved from themselves if they’ve had a serious relationship or a child. That’s the only way they’ll learn how to put themselves aside for a moment in favour of pleasing another person. He needs to have experienced a woman who will help him develop sensuality in the bedroom – otherwise, he will be reduced to shameful jack-hammer sessions with random women who will regret the moment they saw him.
Give me a man under the age of 35, 2 mins alone with him, naked, and I’ll tell you his sexual history. I managed it with my boy – and I was bang on.