Wednesday, 18 March 2009

10 sins men commit when wooing women

I've just been having a tet a tet with various folks on Facebook about men propositioning women with lines of seduction such as ‘ Wanna suck my long schlong baby?’ – actually, I just invented that phrase ‘cos I like it, but things such as ‘ Wanna check out my 11inches?’ are all too popular.
I mean, 11 inches? Please!

Do men really get anywhere by asking a complete stranger if they want to have random sex? Do women ever allow a complete stranger into their home just so they can receive ‘the best licking’ of her life?
Do women respond positively to these propositions? By positively I don’t mean they tell the guy to fuck off, although that would be positive - I mean, do they get involved and take the gentlemen up on their offer? I wouldn’t have the nerve. Weird to think that I probably wouldn’t have done it even when I was working as an escort. But of course when meeting a stranger for sex was ‘a job’ so I went ahead…. a potential lamb to slaughter. By God’s Grace I survived.

10 sins men commit when attempting to sleep with a woman.

1.Offer cock shots via email, social networking sites, text, web cam or any other medium.

2. Boast above the size of their member, then offer the above as ‘evidence’ “Exihibit A” which is supposed to be big, may not be viewed as so big after all – so be careful. Also, who the hell wants some crumby cock shot which has travelled half the globe trying its luck to impress?

3. Don’t offer to lick, suck, fuck, nibble, or give her the best sex of her life…it’s so off putting. She’ll be the judge of if it’s the best sex of her life, thanks.

4.Don’t offer your phone number too soon. Never just give her it (or the number.) It screams desperation and no woman likes that. Over eager is a turn off – but so it aloof. Just wait. She will let you know when the time is right to do number exchanges.

5. Don’t push, and push, and push – unless you’re already in the sack and she’s asking you for that. Just be steady. Don’t rush her. Don’t forget the French expression:
“A woman will chose the man who would choose her” – She make’s the ultimate decisions, not you…


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